Wang Junkai lost 20 jin for shooting and then rebounded, revealing that the process of bouncing back was super cool

 Wang Junkai lost 20 jin for shooting and then rebounded, revealing that the process of bouncing back was super cool

Recently, Dong Zijian and Wang Junkai, one of the stars of the film assassinating novelist, revealed in an interview that Wang Junkai lost 20 jin in order to shoot a play. However, Wang Junkais appearance was no different from that of the non weight loss period.

When Dong Zijian said that Wang Junkai had lost 20 jin for filming, Wang Junkai also stopped Dong Zijian because he had completely recovered his previous weight. Dong Zijian asked Wang Junkai, do you think its really cool to play back? Wang Junkai said frankly: indeed.

In the video, just as Dong Zijian is going to talk about Wang Junkais weight loss in detail, Wang Junkai, who is yawning, quickly swallows the yawn to stop Dong Zijian from talking about his weight loss.

Some netizens noticed that Wang Junkai, who was half yawned and anxious to speak, commented that the yawning was swallowed, hahaha.

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Nortel teacher: Wang Junkais graduation drama originally planned to tour more than 40 shows nationwide

Netease Entertainment reported on February 18 that Sui LAN, a teacher of the performance Department of Beijing Film Academy, recently revealed in the program that the graduation drama Da Zhai men, starred by Wang Junkai, had planned to tour more than 40 times in the country, if not for the impact of the epidemic.

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Wang Junkais graduation drama was praised for his lines, his group photo session was extremely low-key, and he looked down at the children, his eyes were doting (source: original)

At that time, Wang Junkai said: I didnt expect that my first national tour was not a concert, but a drama.

It is reported that Wang Junkai, wearing a long gown, plays a storyteller in his graduation drama big house gate. His lines are natural, his speech is clear, his foundation is solid, and his words are correct, which has won a lot of praise.