Huang Xiaomings constant residence is different two years ago

 Huang Xiaomings constant residence is different two years ago

Recently, some netizens picked out the court judgment filed by Huang Xiaoming in September 2019, which was released on February 21, 2021. The content of the judgment is the dispute case of network tort liability between Huang Xiaoming and a company. However, Huang Xiaomings current residence in Beijing was accidentally exposed in the judgment. According to the judgment, Huang Xiaomings residential address is Building 1, yard 91, Jianguo Road, Chaoyang District, and his certificate was issued in April 2018 and is valid until April 2021.

It is reported that courtyard 91, Jianguo Road, Chaoyang District is the famous Jindi International (also known as Jindi garden). Huang Xiaoming has a house here. As early as when Huang Xiaoming and baby got married, the media reported that this is the marriage house of Huang Xiaoming and baby. According to media reports at that time, Huang Xiaoming bought it at a unit price of 9000 yuan, which cost a total of 1.8 million yuan.

However, a judgment issued in November 2020 showed that Yang Ying, as the plaintiff, was challenged by the defendant to settle in Hong Kong and should be a Hong Kong resident. However, after examination by the court, it was found that the plaintiff submitted a residence permit issued by the authority, which stated that her address was No. 7, North East Fourth Ring Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing. The judgment of the second instance of the case shows that the defendant questioned Yang Yings residence in Beijing. The defendant held that Yang Ying admitted that she lived in Hong Kong on several social platforms. Based on the existing evidence, it is impossible to determine that the habitual residence of the appellee (Yang Ying) is Beijing. Even if she has a residence permit, the defendant also questioned her actual residence for less than one year. As a result, Yang Yingfang provided property certificate, Hong Kong and Macao residence permit and other evidence to prove that Yang Ying had lived continuously in Beijing for more than one year at the time of the lawsuit, which was recognized by the court. The two judgments proved that Yang Ying had lived in the address of No.7, North East Fourth Ring Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing for more than one year during the prosecution period of the first instance of the case on September 16, 2020, that is, Yang Ying lived in the address in 2019.

According to the inquiry, this address is the address of a famous luxury house, named Dongshan villa, known as the first luxury house in Beijing.

According to the above judgment, Huang Xiaomings permanent residence in Beijing is still Jindi international, that is, the wedding house after she married baby, while angelababy Yang Ying changed her permanent residence into Dongshan villa in 2019. Some netizens said that although there are many star properties, its not surprising that couples have multiple apartments together, and they may have separate space, in legal proceedings, when it is necessary to provide various evidences to the court to prove their permanent residence in order to fight for jurisdiction, whether the permanent residence of the two couples in the same area of the same city is different can tell us something.

Previously reported

Baby was revealed to be on holiday with a male star surnamed Deng in Sanya, and netizens speculated that it was him

Netease Entertainment reported on February 21 that on February 19, a netizen aired a video, and disclosed in the accompanying article that she ran into angelababy in a surf shop, and also said that she had just finished surfing with a male star. However, the netizen did not upload photos of the encounter.

Looking at the positioning of the netizen, it is really in Haitang Bay, Sanya, and the name of her surfing shop is exactly the same as the shop where baby learned to surf for the first time last year.

Some netizens saw the news, so they asked the publisher, Im curious which male star it is.. She replied that the male star surnamed Deng was accompanied by a smirk.

Seeing the reply, he immediately ignited his heart of gossip and asked again, Dunlun! Is the rumor true? However, the author didnt reply again, so its not known whether the male star surnamed Deng is Deng Lun. After all, its just a verbal disclosure.

Later, Netizens found out that on February 12, baby was photographed taking her son sponge to Sanya for a holiday. During the Spring Festival, Deng Lun happened to be in Sanya, and on February 14, Lei Jiayin took a hand-in-hand photo of Deng Lun on her microblog for Valentines day.

Previously, some netizens had disclosed that Dunlun and baby were going to be on the hot search, but Dunlun studio immediately refuted the rumors.

Netizens have said to eat melon do not believe melon, before there is no real hammer, can not easily believe rumors.