Luo Zhixiang loses 6 kg in 5 days after 24 kg weight gain

 Luo Zhixiang loses 6 kg in 5 days after 24 kg weight gain

Luo Zhixiang also shared his fast weight loss skills: balanced diet, healthy weight loss: vegetables, fish, apples, a lot of water, quit sugar, quit sugar, less starch, aerobic running, skipping rope can, a lot of sweat, dont be lazy, and said that persistence is more terrible than effort, so as to encourage himself.

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Fat 24 Jin! Luo Zhixiangs new years binge eating weight surge announced the start of weight loss

Netease Entertainment reported on February 19 that on February 18, Luo Zhixiang revealed the news on his personal social platform, saying: I deliberately eat and drink indiscriminately. I gained 12 kg in two and a half months, and now Im 82 kg. Im going to lose weight today, go!

It is understood that Luo Zhixiang went home to eat his mothers reunion dinner in the lunar new year. He wrote in an emotional article: every year, what I look forward to most is my mothers home cooking. Someone asked me before, cant you be tired of eating the same food every year? I said no, Ive been eating for nearly 40 years, and Im never tired of it, because its the taste of my mother, the taste of happiness and the taste of home.