Jay Chou uses Kunling account to chat and fans urge him to release a new album

 Jay Chou uses Kunling account to chat and fans urge him to release a new album

Photos of Jay Chous collection of paintings

On February 19, Jay Chou took a picture with his collection of paintings on the social platform. He was dressed in a black sweater and sat on the ground at will, with an inscription: loyal fans..

After that, ah Xin quickly came to comment: the whole picture looks like the cover of your new single. Netizens also replied to ah Xin, laughing that he was urging songs online. Then Lin Junjie also commented: Im a loyal fan, too.. It seems that like fans, everyone is looking forward to Jay Chous new song.

Before that, when Jay Chou was on the 20th anniversary of his debut, he used to shout arrogantly. He took a photo of himself on the social platform to express his thanks to the fans who supported him. He also wrote: recently, Ive reviewed the old songs again. Even if I come to listen to them now, I will still feel the same admiration for myself. Because I cant find an opponent for the time being, so Ill continue to chill.

In the face of netizens joking that pride will defeat, Jay Chou himself responded by leaving a message at the bottom, Im not a soldier, thank you. Finally, an emoticon of laugh and cry is attached to respond in a humorous way.

On December 30 last year, Jay Chou published a screenshot of an English article with an accompanying text: I can only understand the last sentence of the article, and the last sentence is to praise him as the king of Chinese pop music.

On the eve of the new years Eve on February 11, the CCTV Spring Festival Gala of the year of the ox opened. Jay Chou brought the song mojito, although it is a cloud recording, but also shows a strong strength.

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Jay Chou and his family visit Fang Wenshan studio

Netease Entertainment reported on February 11 that on the evening of February 10, Zhou Kunling published photos of his visit to Fang Wenshans studio. Zhou wrote that he was happy for his friends. With such a beautiful and large venue, Fang Wenshan will surely be able to write more songs and send the best wishes to Fang Wenshan.

Kunling poses on the balcony of Fang Wenshans studio to take photos and show off her beautiful face.

In addition to her brother and wife, Jay Chous mother, ye Huimei, also showed up that night. She took a photo with Jay Chou and Fang Wenshan. Her white hair grabbed the camera. In terms of body shape and maintenance, she didnt look like an old man in her 70s.