Lin Zhiling and her husband take full body photos together for the first time

 Lin Zhiling and her husband take full body photos together for the first time

Akira finished shooting that day. He was a gentleman in a white shirt. Lin Zhiling changed two sets of modeling when shooting, one is a white dress, the other is a white suit, very elegant and capable.

From the whole body care, Lin Zhilings figure is still slim, still not pregnant.

The two people who have not seen each other for a long time seem to be very happy. After filming, Lin Zhiling and Akira were interviewed together. Akira said: its very fresh and happy to speak together for the first time.. Lin Zhiling said that they would discuss and practice Chinese lines together.

In the picture, the wedding ring on Lin Zhilings hand is very eye-catching, breaking the previous rumors of marriage.

Previously reported

Netease Entertainment reported on February 12 that on February 12, Lin Zhiling aired a video with Japanese husband ryohiro Kurosawa in the same frame on the social platform to celebrate the new year: lets continue to be brave, clear and gentle in 2021..

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New years greetings from Lin Zhiling and her husband (source: Netease Entertainment)

In the video, Lin Zhiling, with long wavy curly hair and still gentle, wears a sweet pink shirt. She and her husband, Liangping Kurosawa, who is wearing a dark shirt beside her, send new years greetings to everyone. Kurosawa is also very considerate in Chinese to give you New Year greetings, it seems sincere, the couple look very happy.

In 2011, Lin Zhiling and Akira Kurosawa got to know each other for CO starring in the stage play Chibi ~ love ~. Since then, they have maintained a friendly friendship. At the end of 2018, the two started dating. On June 6, 2019, Lin Zhiling announced her marriage to Akira; on November 17, they held a wedding in the first museum of Tainan Art Museum.