Wu Mengda, suffering from liver cancer, once said that he would have a chance to cooperate with Stephen Chow again

 Wu Mengda, suffering from liver cancer, once said that he would have a chance to cooperate with Stephen Chow again

In fact, at the beginning, Wu Mengda and Zhou Xingchi had experienced the same downfall. At that time, they happened to live in the opposite door, and the two people who were reduced to Tianya encouraged each other. Wu Mengda would also tell Zhou Xingchi some life experiences and lessons as a past person. During that time, as the eldest brother, Wu Mengda would listen to Stephen Chows talk about ideals, life and acting. The two would meet to find inspiration for the characters in the play, and would buy two cans to talk about the script in a quiet corner after work.

The director paid attention to the two people who had tacit understanding both inside and outside the play, so they were recommended as partners to the crew of the film gambler. With their wonderful performance, gambler won the annual box office champion in Hong Kong that year.

After the great success of gambler, Zhou Xingchi and Wu Mengda began to receive all kinds of play appointments, and they really have enough strength to complete each work perfectly: Monkey King and the second in charge in journey to the west, Uncle DA and Zhou Xingxing in truant Weilong , coach and player in Shaolin football, Yin Tianqiu and undercover in king of comedy are amazing Impressive... At that time, Wu Mengda and Zhou Xingchi were like green leaves and red flowers in the eyes of the audience. They complemented each other and could not be separated.

In 2005, the movie Kung Fu starring Stephen Chow was released, and the audience unexpectedly did not find the Wu Mengda who never absent from the movie. One wave aroused a thousand waves, and the news about the quarrel between Zhou Xingchi and Wu Mengda began to spread in the community. Later, actor Lin Zicong said in an interview that his role in the movie Kung Fu was originally the role set by Stephen Chow for Wu Mengda. It was only when Wu Mengdas other play collided with the schedule of Kung Fu that he got himself to play. Later, the mermaid and journey to the West 2 all looked for Wu Mengda, but Wu Mengdas body I havent cooperated for many years.

Later, Wu Mengda said in the program that he was absent from Kung Fu at that time because of the conflict between the schedule of SARS outbreak. When talking about the lack of cooperation with Stephen Chow for many years, Wu Mengda said with a smile: we will work together as long as we get together.

It is understood that Wu Mengda was seriously ill and admitted to hospital this time. So far, Stephen Chow has remained silent and has not prayed for his godfather.

Previously reported

Wu Mengda suffered from liver cancer at the end of last year and is now undergoing chemotherapy

Netease Entertainment reported on February 22 that according to Hong Kong media, Wu Mengda, 70, was recently accused of having physical problems and was seriously ill. He was hospitalized in the oncology department of a hospital in Hong Kong. The reporter called DAGO to say hello, but he didnt answer the phone.

Tian Ji (Tian Qiwen) said in an interview with Ming Zhou today that DAGO is in the hospital ward. Many friends care about him and ask him to say hello. Tian Ji said: he found liver cancer at the end of last year, but I dont want to talk about the issue. After that, he went to Macao for medical treatment, and then returned to Hong Kong for medical treatment. A good friend also introduced him to a good doctor. He said that DAGO had undergone surgery and was undergoing chemotherapy. He asked him how DAGO was feeling and whether he was worried? Hes not in the mood because he cant speak. He can only compare gestures and reactions, wave his hands, chemotherapy makes his body loose, and he has to speak hard. I didnt go to the hospital to see a doctor. Im afraid Im too emotional and dont want to disturb him. Besides, I cant go to the hospital casually. I have to get his permission. At present, DAGO has suspended his work and hopes to get well first. His wife and a couple of children are also taking care of him in Hong Kong.

At the end of last year, when DAGO was shooting a poster for the legend of Shaolin Temples treasure in the mainland, he suddenly felt sick and his face was in pain. Tian Ji said that DAGO still didnt know about his disease at that time, and he only felt sick with his heart. After going to Macao for examination, he learned that he had liver cancer. In fact, Dage was admitted to hospital seven years ago because of heart failure. After that, he paid attention to his health, quit smoking and drinking, and had a regular life. Tian Ji said, because he was hurt last time, he almost couldnt get through that time. He also strode to the threshold. He always entered the ICU, and then came out very hurt. I hope you can gather your energy, Dage will be OK.