Chen Sicheng revealed that Andy Lau will play the role of villain Q to join Tangtan 4

 Chen Sicheng revealed that Andy Lau will play the role of villain Q to join Tangtan 4

At the chat meeting, Chen Sicheng also revealed that he would arrange a villain role for Andy Lau in Tangtan 4. He first talked about why q is Andy Lau. He thought that this role needs a high degree of recognition, so he thought that this role is very suitable for Andy Lau. At the same time, he revealed that he especially wanted to interpret an enjoyable villain role after Infernal Affairs Color.

It is understood that Infernal Affairs is a breakthrough not only in the film itself, but also in the actors. At the same time, this film is also the peak performance of Andy Laus acting skills.

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Netease Entertainment reported on February 18 that according to Hong Kong media, bomb disposal expert 2, starring Andy Lau and Liu Qingyun, was released in Hong Kong. When he was promoting the film earlier, Andy Lau said frankly that his work schedule in 2020 seemed to have disappeared. Fortunately, he had more time to accompany his wife and daughter, and he gained a lot of weight during the epidemic period. He said frankly: in the past, he would do sports when he came home after filming, and he would go to bed after eating at 8 oclock at night Now I often stay at home and eat a lot, but I want to do sports later. Im becoming more and more lazy.

Hua Zai also revealed that he accompanied his daughter Liu Xianghui to take classes online at home, which made him laugh at himself as if he had started reading again. However, because he accompanied her to study, sometimes he could not help but scold her: did you make a mistake, you cant do it? Its a test to accompany her to study with Xiaoyan. Her temper is much better than before.

Ask Xiang Hui if she is happy that her father has more time to accompany her? Ill go back and ask her. They should be happy, he said