Transfer consumption pushes up the box office of this years Spring Festival

 Transfer consumption pushes up the box office of this years Spring Festival

The day before yesterday, the reporter inquired about many cinemas in the city and learned that the price rise during the Spring Festival is an independent behavior of the market. After the schedule, the price will fall.

The number of people watching the film increased significantly

During the Spring Festival, Mr. Cheng, who stayed in Shanghai for the Chinese new year, watched the IMAX version of Chinatown detective 3. The audio-visual effect of the cinema satisfied him, but it also made him feel sorry for his wallet.

According to the statistics of Lighthouse professional edition, the national average ticket price for this years Spring Festival is 48.9 yuan, 4.2 yuan higher than that for the Spring Festival in 2019, with a significant increase in the first tier cities. Mu Chen, President of Ali film lighthouse Research Institute, believes that this years average ticket price increase of 10% has a certain effect on the high box office, but the key factor is the substantial increase in the number of people watching movies. There are 160 million movie viewers in this years Spring Festival, 30 million more than in 2019.

According to the data, under the background of Celebrating the Chinese new year on the spot, the proportion of Spring Festival users purchasing tickets in different places will decrease in 2021. More than 80% of users in Taizhou, Chongqing, Nantong and other cities choose to celebrate the Chinese new year on the spot; in the first tier cities, 75% of users in Shanghai choose to celebrate the Chinese new year on the spot. From the perspective of regional performance, Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen, Chengdu and Chongqing are the top five cities in 2021 Spring Festival. Shanghai Lianhe cinema line ranked the fourth in China with 558 million yuan, and Wujiaochang store of Shanghai Wanda cinema entered the top ten box office during the Spring Festival.

This year, the box office of Wuzhong Road flagship store of red star movie world Shanghai reached 585000 yuan on the first day of the new year, ranking second in Shanghai. This is our best achievement in history. Ye Hua, deputy director of Shanghai city of red star film world, said that the new box office record has given cinema people great confidence. This year, the ticket price of red star movie world will be increased by about 10%. The ticket price of ordinary hall will be 60-80 yuan, and that of special effects hall will be about 100 yuan. However, members of the movie city will have a large discount.

According to his analysis, there are three main reasons for this years price adjustment: first, in previous years, the golden stalls with 100% attendance rate were basically full, this years attendance rate was limited to 75%, and the Spring Festival prices fluctuated slightly in line with the market rules; second, more places responded to the local new year, tourism and travel were reduced, and watching movies became an affordable consumption choice; in addition, the hunger effect of last years Spring Festival stalls being removed due to the epidemic situation was more obvious this year They were released. Celebrating the Chinese new year on the spot is a key factor, especially for Shanghai. This record may be difficult to break in the future, unless the attendance rate returns to 100%. Ye Hua said.

The box office of Spring Festival is beyond my expectation. Yu Xiangdong, the operation manager of a cinema in Jiading, said that the ticket price of the Spring Festival section of the cinema had increased by about 30% compared with the usual period. However, the ticket price had been lowered since yesterday. The main adjustments were Tangtan 3 and Hello, Li Huanying, the most popular films, of which Tangtan 3 was adjusted from 65 yuan to about 50 yuan.

Red star movie world has started to adjust its price since yesterday. According to Ye Hua, the ticket price for the Spring Festival stall of Tangtan 3 is about 80 yuan, which was adjusted to 65 yuan from yesterday. Weve been looking at the market. After a good year, the ticket price will naturally fall back to the normal level, and the audience will continue to walk into the cinema.

Although many people call this years Spring Festival box office miracle retaliatory consumption, according to Shi Chuan, a professor of Shanghai Academy of drama, it is more appropriate to say transfer consumption because many people spend the lunar new year on the spot, and the mobile consumption that used to be spent on travel and accommodation has been largely transferred to local consumption this year. Among them, movies are the best choice for local culture and entertainment consumption This is also a potential factor contributing to box office growth.

Let the audience see a good movie

Lighthouse Research Institutes 2021 Spring Festival market data insight report shows that seven films of this years Spring Festival show different market trends. From the change of box office ranking of the film day, Hello, Li Huanying counter attacked to the first box office on the fourth day of the Lunar New Year with its high reputation; order of the gods fell from the fourth place on the first day to the last place; the box office performance and reputation of the fantasy film assassinating the novelist produced in Shanghai remained stable in the third place. The box office polarization is obvious. The top two films Chinatown detective 3 and Hello, Li Huanying take 80% of the box office.

Ye Hua believes that the consumption attribute of Spring Festival is obvious, but after the schedule, the word-of-mouth effect will be more prominent. Tangtan 3 is undoubtedly the film with the highest expectation of the audience in the Spring Festival. While Hello, Li Huanying comes from behind, other films in the schedule, such as crowds surge produced in Shanghai, fantasy action blockbuster assassinating novelist directed by Lu Yang, new God list: Nezhas rebirth by Guoman representative and fantasy film order to serve God adapted from game IP, all have remarkable performance u3002u201d

The score of Douban is 7.2, and many viewers say that it is a seriously underestimated work. The crowd is a remake of the Japanese film the method of stealing keys. Director Rao Xiaozhi adapted it locally. The audience was pleasantly surprised by the superb acting skills of Andy Lau and Xiao Yang, and by the colorful eggs of Lu Yang and Guo fan. Unfortunately, due to the unsatisfactory pre-sale, cinema film arrangement has always been at the bottom. On February 13, Rao Xiaozhi wrote that on the basis of understanding the stand of the cinema, he wanted to find some space for his films, hoping to attract more people into the cinema with word of mouth.

Ye Hua said that at present, the film arrangement in cinemas has been adjusted, the proportion of Tangtan 3 has been moderately reduced, the number of people is surging, and other films such as assassinating the novelist have increased, interspersed with the special effects hall. The spring festival needs cheerful and lively film types. We will adjust them in real time according to the market situation and let the audience watch the good films they want to see.

Before the Spring Festival, Ishikawa was most looking forward to assassinating the novelist. However, due to the lack of film arrangement in the cinema, he has not been able to make the trip so far. Its not a good thing that 80% of the box office is focused on the first two films. Competitive films take up too much market resources, and make the audience have too narrow choices when consuming. He believes that in the face of the strongest Spring Festival in history, we also need some cold thinking, cinema as a commercial organization needs to consider economic benefits, but we also need to consider whether we can play the role of macro-control policy. For example, whether to set a limit on the film layout rate to make the market more balanced. It is important for the Spring Festival stalls to adapt to the festival consumption, but behind the box office growth, it should also be in line with the improvement of the quality of the film itself, which is conducive to the healthy development of the domestic film market. Reporter Zhong Han