Snow Village Yu Qingxin movie starts, Wang Qianyuan, Huang Shengyi and Wei Chen appear in the same frame

 Snow Village Yu Qingxin movie starts, Wang Qianyuan, Huang Shengyi and Wei Chen appear in the same frame

Yu Qing and his wife in the snow village work together to polish the script

Yu Qing and his wife both became famous singers. They not only created many familiar music works together, but also devoted themselves to film creation. It is said that in order to bring Chinas first popular song northeast people are living Lei Feng, which has been sung for many years, to the big screen, Yu Qing and Xuecun have the same goal, trying to put on the most suitable commercial blockbuster coat for the film with the core of positive energy art film, hoping that the audience can feel it in the process of enjoying the visual effect blockbuster In order to set off a new social trend to promote the whole people to learn from Lei Feng and pass on the spirit of Huo Lei Feng. For this reason, director Yu Qing of Xuecun led the screenwriter team to take root in the rescue line for a long time and conduct on-the-spot investigation. They have done enough homework on the basis of the film creation, repeatedly revised more than 100 drafts, and strive to make every plot setting and every line expression concise and accurate, regardless of the general direction or small details, so as to comprehensively guarantee the goal process of the films high-quality production.

Stars gather to create the strongest lineup

Yu Qing, director of Xuecun, starring Wang Qianyuan, Huang Shengyi, Wei Chen, Liu Yunlong and other stars, are the main creators of the film. In addition, there are many friends who will help the film. In addition, leaders of civil rescue teams and relevant technical professionals from Chinas Air Force flight performance team and all over the country will also help the film In addition, many stars, such as Tong Dawei, Huang Bo, Bao Beier and Liu Yan, have recorded VCR. I wish this film a good start and a smooth shooting, and express my appreciation and expectation for this film. It can be said that many stars gather and shine.

The film northeast people are all living Lei Feng is expected to meet with the fans at the end of 2021. It is expected that this film, which gathers the painstaking efforts of Yu Qing and other stars in Xuecun, will open a new milestone for Chinese semi realistic commercial films and bring new audio-visual enjoyment to the audience.