Zheng Kais first talk about her daughters happiness: her personality becomes soft after becoming a father

 Zheng Kais first talk about her daughters happiness: her personality becomes soft after becoming a father

In October 2020, Zheng Kai officially announced the good news of becoming a father. In the program, he revealed that his daughter can now distinguish his voice. Even if the little princess is sleepy sometimes, she will become excited after hearing her fathers voice and chat with her father Zheng Kai.

After having a daughter, Zheng Kai becomes a real daughter slave. When he talks about his daughters marriage when she grows up, he doesnt say much. Instead, he makes the action of tearing his daughters boyfriend. Coupled with his angry expression, his face is full of reluctant words.

Unlike Miao Miao, who lives at home with their children after birth, Zheng Kai almost devotes most of his time and energy to his career. As he said when he had a daughter, he should make more money.

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Too sweet! Zheng Kais friend exposed his nickname for Miao Miao

Netease Entertainment reported on February 19 that recently, Zheng Kai, as a good friend of Du Chun, visited the variety show mother in law and mother 2. Zheng Kai, a guest star with limited appearances, did not forget to feed everyone a mouthful of fresh dog food.

In the program, after Du Chuns wife called twice to let Du Chun go home to accompany him, another friend Zhang dianlun, who chatted with him, took the initiative to cue Zheng Kais wife Miao Miao, and exposed Miao Miaos private nickname general manager Miao. Zhang dianlun asked Zheng Kai, why didnt general manager Miao call you? Zheng Kai blurted out the answer: sleep.

Zheng Kai knows Miao Miao is sleeping at home at the recording scene. It seems that Zheng Kai has been in frequent contact with Miao Miao. It is reported that since Miao Miao successfully gave birth to her daughter, she has gradually faded out of the big screen and lived the life of her husband and goddaughter at home. Zheng Kai continues to make great efforts in her career and takes the initiative to take care of her family. Today, Zheng Kai is more active on the variety show stage, but most of the time, Zheng Kai is still with Miao Miao and her children.

On January 18, Zheng Kai also took a photo for his daughter as a photographer. Together with Miao Miao, he set up a scene for his daughter at home. The picture was very warm. This was the first time Zheng Kai took a full body photo of his daughter.

Zheng Kai also revealed his current life situation in the live broadcast before. He said: in the special period, his work was forced to slow down. However, at this opportunity, he was able to spend more time and energy with his wife and daughter, which was also a happy experience for him. At the same time, with the upgrading of his identity, Zheng Kai also has a new hobby: taking baby. He has a deep feeling about it. Frankly speaking, taking baby feels very good. It can not only give him the motivation of life, but also make his heart become more and more soft, and the rhythm of life will change a lot.

Before the Chinese new year, Zheng Kai was also photographed dining with friends. At that time, Zheng Kai was too drunk to walk steadily, and Miao Miao was gently supporting her husband.