Her husband denied that Yin Jingji was abandoned due to Alzheimers disease and her daughter applied for custody

 Her husband denied that Yin Jingji was abandoned due to Alzheimers disease and her daughter applied for custody

According to the relevant laws and regulations of South Korea, Yin Jingji will be appraised by the national mental health center. According to the appraisal results, the court will decide whether to approve the custody application of Yin Jingjis daughter, and Yin Jingjis brothers may also appeal in South Korea. If Yin Jingjis daughters application for custody of Yin Jingji is approved, her daughter will be responsible for the custody of Yin Jingji and the operation of her assets in the future, including Yin Jingjis two apartments in South Korea and her large fixed deposit.

Earlier reports: Korean media revealed that 77 year old actress was abandoned by her husband and daughter due to Alzheimers disease

South Korean actress Yin Jingji (77), who once starred in the film poetry, was left alone in France because of Alzheimers disease, but her husband and daughter were not taken care of in France, South Korean media reported. On February 5, an article about saving Yin Zhenji, a film actor isolated from the outside world was posted on the message board of the national petition in qingwatai.

The petitioner said that she and her husband live apart and are not taken care of by her spouse. She is fighting Alzheimers disease and diabetes alone in an apartment outside Paris. her husband lives in his home outside Paris and has been avoiding his wife.

Although her daughter lives nearby, she cant take good care of her mother because of her busy work and family life. abandoned by her spouse and daughter, Yin Jingji struggles with the disease alone, and cant go out alone, leading a prison like life..

The petitioner sent a request: although Yin Jingji has lived in Paris for a long time, she loves Korean movies and will not give up her Korean nationality. She has always hoped to spend her old age on Korean land, to get rid of being shelved by her immediate family members and deprived of basic human rights, and to return to Korea for the rest of her life.

In 2019, Yin Jingjis husband Bai Jianyu publicly said in an interview that Yin Jingji has been fighting Alzheimers disease for 10 consecutive years. She married pianist Bai Jianyu in 1976 with only one daughter.

Yin Jingji was once known as one of the three carriages of actresses in the 1960s. She starred in more than 320 films, the last of which was the poem directed by Li Cangdong. She also joined the director on the red carpet of Cannes International Film Festival.

Later, according to Bai Jianyu, all the contents were false information. Unlike the contents mentioned in the petition, Yin Jingji has been receiving regular medical treatment and living a comfortable and stable life. The other side said, although Bai Jianyu and Yin Jingji have been touring, they have been unable to accompany Bai Jianyu on dozens of hours of long-distance travel since a few years ago because Yin Jingjis condition deteriorated. Its better to live in a sanatorium, live near your daughters home, and have a professional caregiver to take care of your life than to be separated from your family.

Yin Jingji, a 77 year old Korean actress, was once one of the three actresses in the golden age of Korean films (1960s). With his last starring work, the film poetry directed by Li Cangdong, he has won the Korean Qinglong film award and the Korean movie Bell Award for best actress.