Wu Mengdas friend Li Lizhi: unable to contact Dage temporarily

 Wu Mengdas friend Li Lizhi: unable to contact Dage temporarily

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Hong Kong media revealed that 68 year old Wu Mengda was hospitalized due to illness and is suspected to be in the oncology department

According to Hong Kong media reports, the 68 year old Wu Mengda has repeatedly reported physical problems in recent years. According to reliable sources, Wu Mengda, who was in Hong Kong, was admitted to the hospital yesterday (the 20th) due to a serious illness and is currently arranged to stay in the oncology department. The situation is unknown for the time being.

It is reported that Wu Mengda went to Macao for medical treatment earlier, but most of them returned to Hong Kong. Affected by his illness, he has lost a lot of weight. Wu Mengda, who doesnt want to be troublesome, has a low-key attitude towards serious illness and seldom tells his friends about his illness. He doesnt want everyone to worry about him. According to the news, Wu Mengdas physical condition deteriorated before the lunar new year. In the past, he used to send short messages to say hello to his friends during the Chinese New Year. But this lunar new year, none of his friends received a message from Wu Mengda, and they didnt receive a reply. Everyone was very worried.

Seven years ago, Wu Mengda was hospitalized for heart failure. At that time, he mistakenly reported his death and escaped death. Since then, he has reduced his workload and only participated in several films in the past two years. Before that, there was also video exposure that Wu Mengda suddenly felt sick when he was working. He immediately covered his chest and showed a painful expression on his face. Then he sat down to rest and kept saying sorry on his mouth, which was worrying.

Looking at the films Wu Mengda and Stephen Chow have worked together, they can be called golden partners, and no one has surpassed them so far