Reba looks cool in vest and shorts

 Reba looks cool in vest and shorts

Previously reported: Fairy take off! Delireba cos butterfly small step gesture cute to explosion

On the 21st, netizens aired a Reuters video of the program recorded by delireba. In the video, deli Reba is wearing a floor length skirt with butterfly decoration on the back. Reba opens her hands and runs in small steps. Cos butterfly takes off. Its so cute.

Delireba once said in an interview that she likes men who have muscles and can speak Spanish, and Huang Jingyu just fits in. Huang Jingyu also said that he likes the big long legs of European and American lines, and Reba is also fully in line with this.

In addition, the media once photographed the crew car of delireba appearing at the door of Huang Jingyus Hotel, and the suspected love affair was exposed. It is reported that as early as 19 years ago when Reba and Huang Jingyu filmed happiness is within reach, there have been rumors that they were in love.