The king of heaven also has mortal vexation! Andy Laus online class with his daughter

 The king of heaven also has mortal vexation! Andy Laus online class with his daughter

Hua Zai also revealed that he accompanied his daughter Liu Xianghui to take classes online at home, which made him laugh at himself as if he had started reading again. However, because he accompanied her to study, sometimes he could not help but scold her: did you make a mistake, you cant do it? Its a test to accompany her to study with Xiaoyan. Her temper is much better than before.

Ask Xiang Hui if she is happy that her father has more time to accompany her? Ill go back and ask her. They should be happy, he said

Previous reports: Andy Lau praised Lu Hans dedication: he was willing to play a supporting role in the period of explosive fire and insisted on standing for 5 days

On the 16th, Andy Lau recalled his past cooperation with other actors and specifically mentioned Lu Han. He said he was deeply impressed by Lu Hans professionalism on the set of the Great Wall. At that time, Lu Han played a small soldier: we acted in the front, and he really stood behind for five days. At that time, Lu Han was very popular.

Andy Lau said that every actor needs to experience and practice his state of facing life in different fields and at different heights.

As the king of heaven, Andy Laus professional attitude is well known. He has his own standards for actors and often criticizes the phenomenon of some industries. However, Andy Lau has praised Lu Hans professional attitude for many times.

Since her debut, Lu Han has always been a top-notch figure by virtue of her handsome appearance. After returning home, she once became a well deserved king of traffic. Until Lu Han and Guan Xiaotong disclosed her love affair, Lu Han gradually changed her route, concentrating on shooting works and recording variety shows, but she still has many loyal fans. For the acting industry, Lu Han has always been very serious and focused.

Before that, because the star Shanghai fortress has been criticized, the box office hit the streets. In 2020, a crossing the line of fire let us see Lu Hans transformation, and the acting skills were also affirmed.