Jia Lings live response to box office breaking 3 billion

 Jia Lings live response to box office breaking 3 billion

Asked about the promise that the box office of 3 billion would be thin into lightning, Jia Ling responded: I often tell my sister that weight loss is a step-by-step thing. This time its too sudden and Im not ready. You know, with such a high box office, I started to lose weight three years ago. Some netizens said that the sloth of crazy animal city is called lightning, and sister Ling happily said break out.

As for the netizens appeal that its not necessary to lose weight, just be healthy and happy, Jia Ling also said: this year, Im really a little too fat, which affects my health. I cant bear it myself. I started to lose weight after the movie. Actually, Ive started to lose weight now, but its not so fast to lose weight.

Previously reported: Zhang Meng calls Jia Lingxins new movie, making her box office break 4 billion yuan and get fat again

On February 16, Zhang Meng published a screenshot of an interview in which Jia Ling said that she would lose weight to a flash if the box office exceeded 3 billion, and wrote: its great for Jia Daoer to get 4 billion yuan fat again, and then deleted the microblog.

It is reported that in the interview, Jia Ling said that when the box office of Hello, Li Huanying exceeded 1 billion, she danced in the womens group dance, dyed her hair at 2 billion, and became a lightning bolt at 3 billion.

As of 0:58 on the 16th, Hello, Li Huanying box office has exceeded 1.8 billion. After the release of the film, word-of-mouth has gone up all the way. Doubans score of 8.3 is absolutely high in domestic films, and the tear effect of the film is frequently on the hot search.