Zhuang Yu announces the progress of the anti plagiarism fund and urges Guo Jingming to disclose his earnings as soon as possible

 Zhuang Yu announces the progress of the anti plagiarism fund and urges Guo Jingming to disclose his earnings as soon as possible

As for the proposal I put forward on December 31 to set up an anti plagiarism fund, I would like to announce the progress.

The total income of the book inside and outside the circle has been accounted for on January 4, as follows:

From 2003 to June 2009 (the expiration date of copyright of all external authorized words and film and television copyright of inside circle and outside circle) the total revenue of royalty: 198000 yuan (after tax). TV series Copyright: 250000 (after tax).

There was no revenue before 2003 and since June 2009.

As of January 2021, online reading Revenue: 9806.27

Total: 457806.27 yuan.

I would like to make the following remarks on initiating the establishment of the anti plagiarism Fund:

1. I didnt expect that my personal lawsuit 16 years ago would arouse the attention of the whole society to intellectual property rights today. I am very grateful to the friends who helped me and the readers who helped me sort out the materials. Media with a sense of social responsibility. In particular, my lawyer, Mr. Xing Fenghua, encouraged me to help me when I was most desperate. The purpose of setting up the anti plagiarism fund is to provide financial support and legal aid for the helpless creators like me, and to raise the attention of the whole society to the protection of intellectual property rights. May the good will of the society be passed on from generation to generation.

2. On January 4, I announced on my micro blog that the revenue statistics of the book inside and outside the circle have been basically completed. Since January 4, according to the feedback from Mr. Guo Jingmings agent to Tang Boyus lawyer, the income accounting of the book how many flowers fall in a dream is still in progress. So far, the specific amount can not be given. I hope Mr. Guo Jingming can announce the specific amount to the public as soon as possible, and donate it directly to the fund account after the establishment of the fund.

3. As for the establishment of the anti plagiarism fund, with the active promotion of all parties, experts from public welfare, law and other parties have been contacted. Together with fund regulators, industry associations and industry representatives, a management committee will be established as soon as possible, so as to release progress regularly and accept social supervision.

4. My personal donation is a drop in the bucket for setting up a fund. It can only be used as a start-up fund. We are now officially inviting enterprises and network platforms in publishing and intellectual property related fields to provide financial support as co sponsors or donors of the anti plagiarism fund. It is believed that enterprises and individuals, as co sponsors or donors, can gain the trust and support of the public by participating in public welfare, combating plagiarism and supporting originality to enhance their social influence. Interested enterprises or individuals are requested to contact u00d7 (a public welfare platform) directly.

Previously reported:

Netease Entertainment reported on December 31 that in the early morning of December 31, Guo Jingming formally apologized for plagiarizing Zhuang Yus inside and outside the circle in a long article, expressing regret that he refused to admit his mistake after the court judgment: Ms. Zhuang Yu, I solemnly apologize for the harm caused to you, and I cant afford it. At the same time, I apologize to all the original authors and the creative environment, hoping to refuse plagiarism and respect creation.

It is reported that he was found plagiarized by the court at that time, but he refused to admit his mistake and carried out the legal punishment by directly publishing the judgment in the newspaper. Not long ago, he and Yu were boycotted by hundreds of film and television industry practitioners.

In addition, Guo Jingming said: all the online and offline royalties and all the income obtained from the novel how many flowers fall in a dream after its publication will be collected and calculated, and all compensation will be paid to Ms. Zhuang Yu. If Ms. Zhuang Yu is not willing to accept it, I will donate the money to charity organizations for public supervision.

Event review:

It is reported that the author Zhuang Yu said that Guo Jingmings book how many flowers fall in a dream, published by Chunfeng Literature and Art Publishing House in November 2003, plagiarized the original conception, main clues, most plots, main character characteristics and language style of her novel inside and outside the circle, which she wrote in November 2002, by means of face changing, character dislocation and reverse order And so on. Therefore, Guo Jingming, Chunfeng Literature and Art Publishing House and the seller Beijing Book Building were sued.

On December 7, 2004, the first Central Peoples Court of Beijing made a first instance judgment on the copyright dispute between Guo Jingming and Zhuang Yu. It ordered Guo Jingming and Chunfeng Literature and Art Publishing House to immediately stop publishing the book how many flowers fall in a dream, jointly compensate the plaintiff Zhuang Yu for the economic loss of 200000 yuan, publicly apologize to the plaintiff Zhuang Yu in the newspaper, and the defendant Beijing Book Building Co., Ltd. to stop selling Sell the book how many flowers fall in my dream.

After the judgment of the first trial in December 2004, Guo Jingming declared that he would continue to appeal. At the same time, he also said that he had never made any out of court contact with Zhuang Yu and did not consider settling the dispute through settlement.

On December 20, 2004, Zhuang Yu formally appealed to the Beijing Higher Peoples court.

In May 2006, the Beijing Municipal High Court ruled that Guo Jingmings novel how many flowers fall in a dream plagiarized Zhuang Yus work inside and outside the circle. Guo Jingming and Chunfeng Literature and art publishing house jointly compensated Zhuang Yu with 200000 yuan for economic losses, 10000 yuan for spiritual damages, and stopped selling how many flowers fall in a dream and made a public apology. The deadline was 15 days.

This is the last day of 2020. At this special end of the year when I have a new understanding of life, I want to make an apology for being too late.

In 2006, the court ruled that my novel how many flowers fall in my dream copied Ms. Zhuang Yus novel outside the circle. At that time, the court made a judgment: 1. Compensate Ms. Zhuang Yu 200000 yuan; 2. Make a public apology in China Youth Daily, or directly publish the content of the judgment in the newspaper.

At that time, I couldnt face my heart, so when my lawyer asked me whether to write an apology letter or publish the judgment, my young and frivolous vanity and resistance made me choose to avoid apology and publish the judgment directly in the newspaper to fulfill the legal punishment. At that time, I was very rebellious and refused to admit my mistake.

On all occasions after that, I have always avoided talking about plagiarism, because for me, it is like a wound that can not be healed. I dare not tear it open, and I dare not face it.

Fifteen years later, this mistake has been with me, from my youth to my youth, and now I am at the middle of my 40 year old life. All along, I have received criticisms from teachers and netizens. Therefore, today, I choose to face my past mistakes, the harm I have caused to Ms. Zhuang Yu, and all the readers and partners who support me and believe me. I owe everyone an apology.

Ms. Zhuang Yu, I solemnly apologize for the harm I have caused you. Im very sorry. I also want to apologize to the public, to all the original authors, and to the hard won creative environment in China. Sorry, I did a very bad demonstration. Please take me as a warning, refuse to plagiarize and respect creation.

At the same time of apologizing, I will sum up and calculate all the online and offline royalties and all the income of the novel how many flowers fall in my dream after its publication, and then compensate Ms. Zhuang Yu in full. If Ms. Zhuang Yu is not willing to accept it, I will donate the money to charity organizations for public supervision.

In the past 15 years, I have always said to myself that I rely on my works and hard work to make myself successful and prove that hard work can also change my life. But now I know that if I kept running away from my past and refused to admit and face the mistakes I made when I was young, I would never be a capital person.

Once again, Im sorry. Im very sorry.

Yu Zheng, another scriptwriter named for plagiarism, said he did not intend to make any explanation. He responded to the media: I think everyone has a past. I dont make any explanation for my past. I will use my works and everything to prove what kind of person I am. At the same time, Yu Zheng said that he did not need to explain anything to Wang Hailin.

Review of boycott: 111 film and television practitioners jointly boycott plagiarism

On the evening of December 21, screenwriters Yu Fei and song Fangjin published a joint letter from 111 screenwriters, directors, producers and writers, pointing out that Guo Jingming and Yu Zheng, who had plagiarized, appeared in the variety show to hype the topic. The practice of chasing the click through rate and audience rating aroused the disgust of relevant practitioners and all walks of life. They called on the plagiarists not to provide a stage, and to promote the art of virtue and art Artists respect originality. Qiongyao, Gao Qunshu, Bai Yixiang, Dong Runnian, etc. were also co signed.

Recently, Guo Jingming and Yu Zheng have been tutors in the two programs of please be in position and I am an actor respectively. Although their professional ability has been questioned, they always make amazing comments and bring a lot of topics to the program.

Wang Hailin, one of the founders of exclusive dialogue boycott:

Wang Hailin: Guo Jingmings defiance of the law is an insult to the industry

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Dialogue with screenwriter Wang Hailin: Guo Jingmings defiance of the law is an insult to the industry (source: Netease Entertainment)

(Han Chong / text) Netease Entertainment exclusively connected to Wang Hailin, the famous screenwriter who participated in the signing. He exclusively analyzed the behind of the open letter and his views on Zheng and Guo Jingming. He said that the reason why people have been standing up to accuse Yu Zheng and Guo Jingming of plagiarism is also a cultural responsibility, because Yu Zheng and Guo Jingming are regarded as the cultural heroes of this era, and they stand on the central stage of culture.

Wang Hailin: Yu Zheng and Guo Jingming are sought after by the management and despise the law

Wang Hailin told Netease Entertainment that after losing the infringement lawsuit, Yu Zheng and Guo Jingming refused to apologize although they lost the money. Now they are sought after by capital and platforms. They frequently appear as tutors on variety shows and begin to teach people to do things. It is an insult to the industry to cause the anger of the whole industry.

Yu Zheng and Guo Jingming had been involved in infringement lawsuits, and both ended up losing the lawsuit. In 2014, Qiongyao issued an open letter to report the plagiarism of meihualuo in Yuzhengs gongsuo Liancheng, and listed several plagiarism cases of Yu Zheng as evidence. On April 28, 2014, Qiongyao formally sued Yu Zheng for infringement, and investigated the responsibility of Hunan Satellite TV, the broadcasting unit. On December 25, the Beijing No.3 intermediate peoples court ruled that gongsuo Liancheng violated the adaptation right of meihualuo. Yu Zheng was asked to apologize to Qiongyao publicly, and the five defendants paid a total of 5 million yuan. But after Yu Zheng was convicted of infringement, he did not apologize to Qiongyao, which caused controversy.

This year, Guo Jingming appeared as a tutor in actor in place 2. During this period, both the controversial remarks on the program and the controversial dialogue with Li Chengru aroused discussion. Yu Zheng also appeared in I am an actor as a tutor this year. He made bold remarks on the program, either angrily criticized Xiao Xianrou for running two programs at the same time, or pointed out that the actor Zhang Meng was too scary in the program.

Outside the program, Yu Zheng and screenwriter Wang Hailin split space on microblog. Detailed report > > Wang Hailin issued an article against Yu Zheng: stop plagiarizing and harassing the actor. Wang Hailin told Netease Entertainment reporters that he has not yet received Yu Zhengs lawyers letter. Guo Jingming and Yu Zheng are both people who flout the law and the court. Its ironic that they think of the law first when theres something. They just stay in the mouth and talk big words.

Industry bully? Is the proposal a joint crackdown on Zheng and Guo Jingming?

After the proposal came out, some people questioned that it was a joint crackdown on Zheng and Guo Jingming in the industry. Wang Hailin clarified: its not a crackdown, its a crackdown. An industry needs values and integrity. The fact that Yu Zheng and Guo Jingming have come to this day shows that the crackdown on these two people in the industry is not enough and too much connivance is given to them. Wang Hailin believes that the joint proposal is an act of supporting justice. its ironic that the two people who plagiarize can sit on the stage and be tutors

After the proposal was issued, many netizens thought that some of the scriptwriters who participated in the signature also fell into plagiarism disputes. The scriptwriter Wang Hailin explained that if it was just some discussion on the Internet, it would be called controversial. But if there is a lawsuit, it has come to the legal level, that is, the rights protection incident, and the writers Association will come out to help them.

Wang Hailin called on the media platform to have at least social responsibility and cultural responsibility. He said that Yu Zheng and Guo Jingming were expelled from the screenwriting industry, the mainstream film and television industry excluded them, and there were no two of them in the regular organization of screenwriters.

Wang Hailin: Yu Zheng and Guo Jingming have problems with their values and lack cultural confidence

Although Yu Zheng and Guo Jingming have repeatedly been caught in plagiarism, the films or TV series they participated in making have achieved good results. In 2018, Yanxi palace strategy, which they participated in making, became the hit money of that years drama series, with record hits. In recent years, Guo Jingmings films small times series and Jue Ji have achieved high box office and discussion.

Screenwriter Wang Hailin told reporters: Yu Zheng and Guo Jingming have brought bad influence to the industry and conveyed a result only theory to young people, no matter how I do it, as long as I succeed, everything can not count, what I do can not count, as long as success is the most important thing. In the program, even create a kind of: Actors flatter him, feel able to get a role in him. They have formed a popular image, and the exemplary role of this image is very clear. They are people with the right to speak and resources.

Wang Hailin was blunt to reporters: Yu Zheng and Guo Jingming had problems with their values and lacked cultural confidence. They had a keen sense of business and knew what their audience liked. If they cant do it, they can copy it. If they do it too slowly, they can copy it. After they succeed, they can clean up what they did before.

Recently, the rights protection incidents of screenwriters are not uncommon. New screenwriter Liu Xiaofeng has issued a complaint against banana film under Wang Sicong because of the script bonus problem, which has aroused concern. Detailed report > > Wang Sicongs company owes the screenwriter 800000 yuan in arrears and makes an arrogant response to not afraid of exposure, not afraid of prosecution. However, there are numerous disputes over the rights protection of screenwriters due to the issue of signature, which brings many problems to the talent cultivation of screenwriters.

Wang Hailin puts forward his own view on this: the confidence of new screenwriters is widely affected. Some people will try to take a shortcut, such as Yu Zhengs copying. His apprentices and his collaborators have mastered a whole set of copying methods, how to copy and how not to be found easily.

With the help of Netease Entertainment Platform, Wang Hailin shouts to the new screenwriters, what we are facing is an era in which capital is king and platform is king. In this case, it is more precious to insist on personal expression and write the story in our heart. So in addition to on the one hand to survive, you need to find the right job to do, on the other hand, dont give up. As an artist, you have the right to express and the responsibility to express. Young people try to survive first. Second, dont forget your responsibilities.