Zheng Shuangs official endorsement is removed after being banned

 Zheng Shuangs official endorsement is removed after being banned

Zheng Shuang forwarded the police through train microblog on January 9, but now the content has been shown as: this microblog has been deleted by the author..

In addition, the official micro blog of fashion bazaar magazine also removed Zheng Shuangs related content. Now, the micro blog forwarded by Zheng Shuang shows: due to the authors setting, you dont have permission to view the micro blog for the time being.

On the day of Zheng Shuangs disclosure, Wei Tian, executive editor in chief of fashion bazaar, once wrote an article saying: its too terrible, suspecting the surrogacy and abandonment of Zheng Shuang.

Moreover, in the police people through train - Shanghai and fashion bazaar microblog home page search Zheng Shuang two words, are no person.

A netizen disclosed that the relevant media had received a notice to evade the use of Zheng Shuangs related materials, and Zheng Shuangyi had been blocked by individual platforms.

In addition, shortly after Zhang Hengs article, Zheng Shuangs Prada stock plummeted. Some netizens joked that Pradas tears are falling. On the afternoon of January 18, Pradas share price fell, Pradas tears fell, and Pradas entry fell quickly.

At present, Zheng Shuang and the brand side have not responded to this matter.

Recording of suspected Zheng Shuangs family: womans abusive remarks and her fathers proposal to abandon the baby

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A recording of a conversation between Zheng Shuang and Zhang Hengs parents reveals that the woman wants to abandon her child (source: Netease Entertainment)

On January 18, Zhang Heng, Zheng Shuangs ex boyfriend, revealed a picture of him holding two children, saying that he stayed in the United States because he needed to take care of and protect two innocent young lives and confirmed that he was his own baby. Later, Zhang Hengs friends provided exclusive birth certificates of Zhang Hengs two children in the United States to Netease Entertainment. According to the documents, the mothers current legal name of the two children is SHANGZHENG, while the fathers name is hengzhang.

At the same time, Zhang Hengs friend also provided an exclusive recording to Netease Entertainment, which exposed the dialogue between Zheng Shuang and his parents and Zhang Hengs parents about how to deal with their children. During the dialogue, the wife and her parents frequently put forward their views on abandonment and adoption.

At the beginning of the recording, the womans father proposed abandonment, saying: if two people are separated, no one can afford to support them. That is to say to the hospital, abandon them, abandon them. The mans father refused: this is against the law in the United States, you know..

Her fathers attitude is still tough, these two children cant have a word. at the same time, she also said that she doesnt want to raise these two children, and even put forward the idea of abortion: these two children cant be beaten in seven months, TMD, Im bored to death.. Later, the womans mother said that if she couldnt get rid of her child, she could give it to someone else and find an institution for adoption. She also asked her child never to meet Zheng Shuang and Zhang Heng again, so as not to come back to her biological parents when she grew up.

At present, Zheng Shuang did not respond to this matter, and Netease Entertainment will continue to follow up.