Wu Xin summed up 11 small things to do in 2021: soak your feet, stretch your tendons and drink more hot water

 Wu Xin summed up 11 small things to do in 2021: soak your feet, stretch your tendons and drink more hot water

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Wu Xin and Du Haitao are suspected to be cut off from their programs, and the two hosts are often ridiculed for watching their cards

Netease Entertainment reported on December 31 that on the evening of December 31, the new years Eve Party of Hunan Satellite TV was held as scheduled. Some netizens found that the program Wu Xin cooperated with Haitao was not carried out, and it was suspected that Wu Xin had been hacked. Coincidentally, Wu Xin once cried bitterly because of being cut down on a new years program last year.

The two party make complaints about the opening ceremony. They hold hands cards all the time. They cant finish their work without looking up. Du Haitao couldnt get his eyes off his hand card in the whole process, so he couldnt get off the manuscript. Wu Xin also occasionally make complaints about his ability to host.

Liang Tian, Jin Mengjia and Liu Ye, on the other side of Wang Hans team, were all assigned a lot of lines. Although they can read handcards, they can still communicate with the camera.

Last year, the program was cut off. Wu Xin confided in a program, talked about emotional anxiety, and recalled that the new years program was cut off from 2019 to 2020. Speaking of the bitter grievances of the past, I shed tears for a time. On January 6, Wu Xin posted an article on his micro blog, expressing his gratitude for everyones warm care, and sighing about all kinds of life. After tears, he will continue to struggle.

In the program, Wu Xin recalled that in the arrangement of a new years program, due to the time limit, it had to be cut, and only the hosts own program was canceled. At the mention of this, she choked to speechless. Wu Xin said frankly that it was not a small blow to her at this time. At that time, it made her feel very bad, but it also became a turning point in her career and gradually restored her confidence. At the same time, she also talked about her anxiety caused by her growing age and empty emotional window, but she didnt want to be someone elses emotional transition period, indicating her emotional attitude.

In response, Wu Xin wrote in an article, yesterday after the program, I received a lot of information from my friends. Its very warm! I think in the process of growing up, we will get more and more setbacks, bottlenecks, uneasiness, loss, hesitation... But life is like this, whether we are competitive or open, we should strive to grow up! If you are not happy, you will cry. After crying, you will dry your tears and continue to pursue your dream and life! Thanks to my good friend @ Shen Ling for many years. We talked so much that day. Its good to have friends to care about us. At the same time, she was accompanied by a cute self portrait left by Shen Ling when shooting the program. Shen Ling held a blue mug in her hand, and Wu Xin appeared in her hairy pajamas with a plain face. Wu Xins true feelings moved a lot of audiences, and fans left messages to encourage her, come on, sister Xin! You have to be happy!