Tom spends a lot of money on robot epidemic prevention to supervise the set of disc 7

 Tom spends a lot of money on robot epidemic prevention to supervise the set of disc 7

Previously, Tom had been furious because the crew did not comply with the epidemic prevention regulations, and scolded the staff.

Previously reported:

Taiwan media report that Toms studio is angry and scolds the crew for neglecting epidemic prevention

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Toms set is on fire (source: Netease Entertainment)

Netease Entertainment reported on December 16 that, according to Taiwan media reports, Tom got angry recently on the set of mission impossible 7 because the two crew members were too close to the computer screen and had no awareness of epidemic prevention. When he saw it, he immediately yelled, if I see you like this again, youll get out of the cast.

In the audio, cruise yells, if I see you do this again, youre fired. Its the same with how anyone in the crew does it again - you too, you too, you all dont do it... Its because of us, weve created thousands of jobs, you XX. Thats it. If you dont accept an apology, you can go and apologize to people who lost their jobs because our industry stopped working. We cant stop this movie. Do you understand me? If I see you do it again, you go.

It is reported that mission impossible 7, starring Tom Cruise, is planned to be shot in Venice, which has been witnessed by the media around February 20 and started preparations in the city. As a result of the outbreak of the new crown epidemic in Italy, a large number of public places in Venice were closed, including the location of mission impossible 7, so the crew stopped work. The schedule of mission impossible 7 was also postponed from July 23, 2021 to November 19, and mission impossible 8 was postponed from August 5, 2022 to November 4. The two films were filmed at the same time.