Sister J denied that she had an affair with Kanye: I never slept with Kanye

 Sister J denied that she had an affair with Kanye: I never slept with Kanye

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22-year-old Wang Hong admits to rumor that Kan Ye is cheating, but she has no regrets: very happy

22-year-old Wang Hong admits to rumor making about Kan Ye cheating on sister J

On January 9, AVA Louise, a 22-year-old Internet celebrity, admitted that she made up the gossip about Kans cheating on sister J. She Po a new video, in the video said she made up gossip scandal, what she said is not true, just want to attract peoples attention, so as to attract attention, because she took too much drugs, and very boring. However, at the end of the video, AVA Louise doesnt seem to feel sorry for his rumor. Instead, he complacently says, were all very happy, arent we?

According to foreign media sources, a person familiar with the matter disclosed that Kanye West and Kim Kardashian are going through divorce procedures, and Kardashian is hiring a star divorce lawyer. The report said that Kardashian tried to help Kanye recover his mental health, but she was fed up with his crazy talk. Meanwhile, Kanye was uncomfortable with Kardashians family life, which led to conflicts between them. Earlier, Kan tweeted that he had long wanted to divorce Kardashian, implying that Kardashian had an affair with meekmill.

Earlier, on July 29, foreign media reported that Kardashian and Kanye had been discussing the issue of divorce for several months. The couple were photographed showing up in Cody, Wyoming. They were suspected of having an argument in the car, and Kardashian shed tears. After these days of full communication, both sides feel that their marriage has come to an end, a person familiar with the matter said Some people familiar with the matter revealed that Kardashian didnt want a divorce because of her current situation. In fact, they have been discussing the issue of divorce for several months.

Earlier, Kanye claimed that his wife, Kardashian, was under house arrest, suggesting that she was cheating and that she had long thought of divorce. Later, Kanye apologized to his wife, Kardashian, on social networking platform: I apologize to my wife, Kim, for my reckless behavior. I know I hurt you. Please forgive me and thank you for being with me all the time. The divorce farce ended.

It is reported that Mr Kan announced on July 4 that he would participate in the presidential election as an independent. On the evening of July 19, he held his first campaign rally in North Charleston, South Carolina. At the first election rally, Kan broke down on the spot and revealed that he had planned to give up his daughter with Kim Kardashian, who was still his girlfriend.

Since then, Kan has entered a mode that ordinary people cant understand: he said that he might be locked up by his mother-in-law and wife like escape from juemingtown, and he also wrote that his children would never shoot Playboy magazine. In the end, Kardashian couldnt bear it. She wrote about her husbands behavior, saying that Kanye suffered from bipolar disorder, but it seemed that Kanye didnt appreciate his wifes statement. Then she accused her wife of having a private meeting with the rapper meek Mill Hotel, saying that she wanted to divorce for a long time, but the matter was later clarified.

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On July 22, Kan lashed out at Kardashian and her mother, Chris Jenner, on his personal social networking site. He accused his wife and mother-in-law of trying to get the doctor to lock him up, and then he wrote: Chris and king made a statement without my consent This is not what a wife should do.

Kan also alluded to Kardashians cheating rap singer meek mill: since Kim and meek met in Waldorf to carry out prison reform, I have been trying to divorce. meek deserves respect, and Kim has crossed that line. . After that, the content was deleted.

Some netizens have disclosed that the divorce procedures between Kardashian and Kanye are in progress, while others have disclosed that Kanye fell in love with sister J.

On January 7, sister J responded to the rumor that she was cheating on Kanye West. Ironically, Im ready to join Kanyes planning evangelical Choir Sunday service.

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