Why do you like my sister Meng Wanzhou and not me

 Why do you like my sister Meng Wanzhou and not me

Then, Yao Annas debut documentary was released, which recorded a series of preparations for her debut. Yao Anna also mentioned her sister Meng Wanzhou. She said that she often saw some comments on the Internet. She was very sad at the beginning and didnt understand why everyone liked her sister Meng Wanzhou but didnt like herself.

In response to the labels of celebrity and rich second generation and all kinds of queries on the Internet, Yao Anna confessed that she didnt want to live in other peoples evaluation and definition, and would regard the query as the driving force for her progress: everyone will get affirmation and also face queries. What I can do is to be myself.

It is reported that in 1998, Yao Anna was born in Kunming, Yunnan Province. She is the child of Ren Zhengfei and his second wife Yao Lingsheng. At the age of 9, she began to learn ballet. At the age of 15, she has become the highest level winner of rad. When she was 17 years old, Anna Yao was admitted to Harvard University ahead of time with full marks in Act (American college entrance examination) to study computer science and statistics.

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Anna Yao, the second princess of Huawei, announced her debut in the entertainment industry and became Qi Weis younger martial sister

On the 14th, the second princess of Huawei Yao Anna signed a contract with Tianhao Shengshi to announce her debut. A group of black-and-white blockbusters were exposed, with shoulder pads and long black hair.

Later, Yao Anna released several beautiful photos of herself, which said a new start, and shared her happiness and joy of her debut with her fans again.

It is reported that Tian Hao Sheng Shi, the company that signed Yao Anna this time, is also Chen Feiyus agent company. It also has artists such as Qi Wei, Niu Junfeng and Zhao Yihuan. However, the companys second largest shareholder is the industrys most famous Lehua entertainment. It is well known that Lehua has star making ability. Yao Anna has become a contract artist of the companys investment enterprises, and Lehua will never be lost Spare no effort to mobilize entertainment resources for Yao Anna publicity.