Chen ziyaos response to Wang Haoxins thanks to her: she is not feeling well

 Chen ziyaos response to Wang Haoxins thanks to her: she is not feeling well

In this regard, Chen ziyao said in an interview with reporters that at that time, because of physical discomfort, some of them were not in the state, and they were distracted and thinking about other things, so they were not black faced. In response to Wang Haoxins thanks for taking care of her daughter, she said, this is what a mother should do. Asked if she would take a picture of the whole family, she said that the man still had a lot of work in the later stage, so we would not hinder the companys schedule..

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Netease Entertainment reported on January 11 that on January 10, Wang Haoxin won the best actor of TVB with his wonderful performance in stepping on the world 2.

On the stage of the award ceremony, Wang Haoxin expressed his thanks to the staff in front of and behind the stage and his wife Chen ziyao: here, I would like to thank my family, yoyo, for taking good care of my daughter! But when the camera cuts to his wife Chen ziyao, he is calm and has no joy. This is meaningful and leads to suspicion of marriage change.

It is reported that the two had also been reported by the media rumors of marriage, but have not been recognized.

However, in recent years, Wang Haoxins affairs have been constant. At the beginning, Chen ziyao would explain for her husband. But after a long time, Chen ziyao has been too lazy to respond, even unwilling to mention each other. Therefore, the outside world from time to time spread rumors of their feelings changed.

Chen ziyao has sacrificed a lot for Wang Haoxin. Although she cant play the leading role in every play, her aura is not lower than that of the heroine, and she has great strength. Many netizens are looking forward to her return to the screen.

As for Wang Haoxin, his career is going well. In last years two films and TV series, stepping on the boundary 2 and anti black passers-by a, he has a good performance. He won the best actor by virtue of stepping on the boundary 2, and also won the most favorite actor in Malaysia by virtue of anti black passer-by a. It has to be said that Wang Haoxins acting skills can not be underestimated, the resources are more and more, and so are the awards. All these achievements are inseparable from his own efforts, which can be regarded as well deserved.

On January 10, wanqianxinghui award ceremony 2020 was held. The most eye-catching awards of best actor and best actress were finally won by Wang Haoxin and Cai Sibei.

According to Hong Kong media reports, the fight before and after the competition was inextricably divided. Among the three women, Gong Jiaxin was favored, but after she took the lead in Malaysia TV, Cai Sibei finally beat the crowd. After the cold sealing, her good sister he Yanshi threw a kiss to congratulate her.