The late actresss social account was hacked and adult ads appeared

 The late actresss social account was hacked and adult ads appeared

The social account of Juhola has been hacked more than once. It was hacked on December 14 last year. This is the second hacker attack after the death of his old friend, which worries fans very much.

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Houhelas mother inherits 40% of her daughters inheritance, leaving home for 20 years

Netease Entertainment reported on December 21 that on December 21, according to South Korean media reports, the lawyer representing the elder brother of the late actress juhela announced: the Guangzhou District Court has made a judgment on the dispute over the inheritance of juhela, announcing that the surviving family and biological mother of juhela will inherit the inheritance of juhela in a ratio of 6:4.

The lawyer added: although the biological parents abandon their children and have no substantial support, it is difficult to deprive them of their property inheritance rights under the current law, so the juhora law should be adopted as soon as possible to limit such unreasonable behavior..

According to South Korean media estimates, the legacy left by Juhola has exceeded 5 billion won (about 30 million yuan).

It is reported that juhoras mother left home at the age of 9 and had never contacted her for more than 20 years. However, after his death, he appeared at the funeral and asked to inherit his legacy. He fought a lawsuit with his brother and other family members.

Previously, in a certain program, some of the contents of juhoras diary before her death were made public. In her diary, she accused her mother of having an affair. If she wanted to lose her, why she had to give birth to her was bitterness. In this program, juhelas biological mother Ms. song also said that she thought she had deep feelings for her daughter and other family members, but the other party didnt know about it. She said that she just couldnt raise her daughter at that time, so she didnt raise her. She promised in front of the camera that if she inherited the (daughters) estate, deducting the litigation costs and raising costs, the others would donate.

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Juhoras ex boyfriend was sentenced to one year in the final trial and threatened with indecent video

According to Yonhap news agency, on the morning of October 15 local time, the Supreme Court of South Korea ruled on Cui Zhongfans suspected threat and violence against juhora, maintaining the second instance judgment. Cui Zhongfan was sentenced to one year and was not convicted of illegal shooting.

In September 2018, South Korean female singer juhela had a physical conflict with Cui Zhongfan and was threatened by her husband with an indecent video. In August 2019, Cui Zhongfan was convicted of threatening, forcing, injuring and destroying property in the first instance of the case. However, he was not convicted of illegal shooting and was sentenced to one year and six months imprisonment with three years probation. Juhora appealed against the judgment. To the publics dissatisfaction, Cui Zhongfan, a former famous stylist, opened a 24-hour barber shop in shinsha Dong, Jiangnan District, Seoul, and publicized it on social media.

On July 2, 2020, Cui Zhongfan was sentenced in the second instance of the case. He was sentenced to one year and arrested in court. He was not convicted of illegal shooting. Both parties refused to accept the judgment and appealed to the Grand Court.

In 2008, juhora entered the singing world as a member of Kara womens group, and then set foot in performing and appeared in variety shows to carry out various activities.

Unfortunately, on the afternoon of November 24, 2019, juhora suddenly died at home, only 29 years old. The police found an autograph on the dining table in his home. The content reveals pessimism. Police said that there was no evidence of crime at the scene, and there was a high probability of suicide.