So many charming rivers and mountains

 So many charming rivers and mountains

Shaou is determined to become a net red economy

After learning that the lazy man Ma Mian petitioned for trouble, the villagers decided to apologize to Pu Quansheng. They set up a meal and beat drums. Pu Quansheng was moved to tears by the words family members. Pu Quanshengs mother, who learned that her son had become a village cadre from the deputy mayor, fainted in anger. In the face of her sick mother, what reasons would Pu Quansheng use to persuade her?

Inspired by the video, shaou decided to become a net red economy and make himei a business card of wanmixi village. However, Pu Quansheng thinks that this will make the villagers feel impetuous and think of getting rich overnight. They had different opinions and broke up again. Can net red economy be implemented in wanmixi village? How will puquansheng and shaou resolve the contradiction?

Clan forces interfere in marriage

Puquan born sand gull mediates

Tian Laobas entrance to the bureau makes Qin Xianwen unbearable. He hopes to provoke a gong to preside over justice and divorce them. After learning about Tian Laoba, can ya Gong agree? How will Pu Quansheng and Sha Ou deal with the grudge between Yaogu and Tian Laoba?