Wonderful city: Xiao Zhan returns to his hometown to show his true self

 Wonderful city: Xiao Zhan returns to his hometown to show his true self

Xiao Zhan in the program is different from the sharp shooting on the stage, which belongs to the warm side of Chongqing people. When Xiao Zhan walks into Junges library with the dusk and talks with his neighbors, you will find that Xiao Zhan, who is holding a kitten and breathing the air of his hometown, is just like a warm teenager next door, who loves to laugh and is full of memories and expectations of life. When Junge started an old open-air movie and talked to Xiao Zhan about the influence of his parents on him, Xiao Zhan said frankly that his father had a greater influence on him. He believed that his fathers love for his children was more restrained, but he would always express it in action. Xiao Zhans sincere performance has also been praised by many netizens. Some netizens left a message saying that in the wonderful city, I see Xiao Zhan who is different from the previous cognition.

Refined rough man orangutan witness Chongqings change

Orangutan is the boss of an advertising company. Like his friends, he likes to ride a motorcycle on the streets of Chongqing. The gorilla with a beard looks a little rough, but he is a delicate and gentle father in his life. As children coming out of old Chongqing, orangutan and his wife have a unique love for old Chongqing, just like his collection of old objects. The accumulation of time makes them glow with different brilliance. The same is true of Chongqing in orangutans eyes. No matter how the city changes, there are always old Chongqing people like him and Junge, who remember and retain the most precious mark of life in this city.

Yuanyuan, a 23-year-old crosstalk actor, brings joy to the audience in Chongqing dialect. Like most young people, Yuanyuan once swayed between her parents expectations and her hobbies. But in the end, Yuanyuan chose to stick to her stage dream with her partner. Although the process of pursuing dreams is not smooth all the way, Yuanyuan is still working hard. Similarly, Chongqing also embraces every dream pursuer in the city with a broad mind. The lovely yuan yuan left a deep impression on the audience. Many audiences said that if they have the opportunity to go to Chongqing, they must listen to a Yuan Yuan crosstalk.

Whether its Xiao Zhan who truly expresses himself, the orangutan and Junge who want to keep the memory of the city, or Yuanyuan who runs on the road of pursuing dreams, they all have a burning passion from Chongqing. Which wonderful city will the next issue of wonderful city show the audience? What wonderful stories will be waiting to be unlocked? Next Tuesday at 20:00 continue to lock wonderful city, interesting soul waiting for you to meet!