Its hard! Huang Zitaos dog is not up to standard: he cant even raise his own name

 Its hard! Huang Zitaos dog is not up to standard: he cant even raise his own name

Later, Huang Zitao wrote diss, saying: there is still no level of black and black copywriting. Otherwise, you cant even raise your name and the team cant support you for a reason. Dont do it. Come to our company and apply for some regular jobs. Its not good to sneak around all the time. He also said to the paparazzi: if you want to get hold of me, come on, welcome. You see what else you can get. Its useless.

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Huang Zitao responds to paparazzis anger at being photographed for smoking

Netease Entertainment reported on December 17 that recently, a paparazzi photographed Huang Zitao and exposed his smoking photos on the set, saying that he smoked in front of the no smoking slogan. In response, Huang Zitao angrily rebuked the paparazzi: you dont know that you cant smoke in the shed. If you want to go outside the gate, Ill popularize science for you? The staff who smoke must smoke at the door, and the people who take the photos are blind and blatantly want to make a rumor.

Not only that, he also denounced the behavior of candid photography, why do you take candid photos of me and expose me? With my permission? Only those who secretly take photos should apologize, and so should those who make rumors. This is what the so-called marketing number and paparazzi want you to see, ignoring their wrong behavior of secretly taking pictures. So stop it.

Many fans also supported Huang Zitao in the comments: its shameful to make rumors. The black manuscript is too unscrupulous. Thats all you have to do. If you cant get the material, youll be embarrassed.

It is reported that on December 17, the media exposed a group of pictures of Huang Zitao smoking outside the studio. At that time, Huang Zitao was smoking at the door of the studio, and behind him was the placard of no smoking, fire safety. Huang Zitao arrived at the set wearing a white hat, a red velvet sweater suit and a black cotton padded suit. After arriving at the set, he first smoked with a friend in white, then got on the RV and changed into a black hat, a pink sweater and jeans.

After finishing the installation, Huang Zitao went to the station to spray perfume before the car, then stood at the front of the studio to smoke and watch his mobile phone. But half of the smoke was suddenly dropped, and Huang Zitao was also startled. The picture was a little funny. He immediately squatted down and picked up the cigarette butt and handed it to the staff. Huang Zitao didnt finish his work until nightfall. He still walked down from the RV with a cigarette in his mouth and drove back to the villa. It seems that he is addicted to cigarettes.

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Overturned again? Huang Zitao was photographed smoking in front of a no smoking sign

Netease Entertainment reported on December 17 that recently, some media photographed Huang Zitao smoking in front of the studio, and behind him was a placard saying no smoking, fire safety.

Recently, many stars have been photographed smoking in private. Although smoking is harmful to health, it belongs to the category of stars private life, which is beyond reproach. However, recently, there are many stars smoking in places where smoking is forbidden, which is harmful to social morality. Previously, many stars such as Wang Continental, Chen Xiao and Huo Siyan had been photographed smoking indoors, which aroused the disgust of netizens.