The most beautiful you in the world starts broadcasting cross dimensional sound

 The most beautiful you in the world starts broadcasting cross dimensional sound

The ultimate forecast of super sweet coming

In the latest trailer of the most beautiful you in the world, Yu Huan, the ultimate voice actress played by Hou Peishan, and Qiao Yibai, the God of Gao Leng, played by Hou Dong, and he and Liang Cheng, the Sunshine School grass, have launched a love fight between the two. The two male deities meet in a narrow way, and each of them has his own tricks. One is constantly making encounters, the other is actively taking the initiative, racking his brains to find opportunities to get along with Yu Huan alone, and performing countless unexpected scenes. Everything is not over, I will work hard, the declaration of love between the two people let the war continue to escalate, the enemy war intensified. In the face of their fierce attack, Yu Huan, who was careless and aggressive, issued a soul question of I treat you as a brother, but you want to soak me, but gradually fell into the sweet trouble of love.

Whether it is the presentation of classic romantic scenes such as seaside and amusement park, or the restoration of scenes full of enthusiasm and sweat, such as military training and basketball games, which exude a strong atmosphere of campus youth and strongly resonate with the audience, the audience can see an anti traditional campus love routine, which is a unique super beauty with multiple elements such as duality, ancient costume, sadistic love, strong women and weak men, and youth struggle Sweet favorite drama.

Voice coil God helps to upgrade the quality of beautiful you

The most beautiful you in the world is about the campus life of dubbing circle God. The role of dubbing is also to find the cooperation of the top CV team in China, Beidou Penguin studio, which brings together Peng Yao, Xu Jiaqi, Qian Wenqing, Su Shangqing, Ling Fei and other real dubbing circle God. Xu Jiaqi, who voiced the heroine Yu Huan, is Bei Weiwei in the drama version of a little smile makes the city fall in love and Huang Rong in the 17 year version of biography of the arched hero; Peng Yao, who voiced the God of Gao Leng, Qiao Yibai, is Li Chengyin, who is loved and hated in the TV drama East Palace, and also Emperor Qianlong, who is deep-minded in biography of Ruyi; Liang Cheng, who voiced the Sunshine School grass, is the one who voiced qingniannian Zhang Xianzong, Wu Xin the monster killer, Qian Wenqing, the 19 year edition of The Legend Of White Snake, Xu Xian, and Su Shangqing, the super God Su Shangqing dubbed the adorable basketball boy Sun Yu in the play. It is worth mentioning that the well-known singer of the two-dimensional ancient style circle, the sparerib leader, also sang the episode floating life like a dream for the play, which is exciting, affectionate and tactful, and perfectly interprets the cruel love between the hero and heroine when they cross the ancient times.

With the combination of super creative lineup, sweet and funny light comedy style, carefully polished cross-dimensional cultural details, and full of youth energy, the most beautiful you in the world has gained many audiences expectations and become the sweetest and warmest love song in this cold winter.