Xi Mengyao wants to beat someone! He Youjun leaves his wife and children for a drink on his birthday

 Xi Mengyao wants to beat someone! He Youjun leaves his wife and children for a drink on his birthday

In private, he Youjun also turns into a talker, holding out his head and chatting with his friends, while the boy opposite is also chatting with him. When he sees his friend pick up his mobile phone to record video, he Youjun stops chatting and looks at the camera. Although its a birthday celebration, I feel he Youjun is still very grounded. He has no airs in front of his friends, and there are endless topics between boys.

Its not hard to feel that after he Youjun and Xi Mengyao got married and had children, they still have their own independent space, and even on such an important day, Xi Mengyao can let her husband invite friends to celebrate. In this regard, many netizens have said that Xi Mengyao is really considerate and Xi Mengyaos husband is so free.

Although he Youjun didnt bring Xi Mengyao with him to celebrate his birthday with his friends, Xi Mengyao will probably celebrate his birthday in advance, or a family of three at noon on the 12th. After all, the couple still have a sense of ceremony, and he Youjun is also very close to his wife.

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He Youjun talks about his wife Xi Mengyaos production experience

He Youjun talks about Xi Mengyaos production experience

Netease Entertainment reported on December 26 that in the latest issue of happiness trio, he Youjun first talked with his wife Xi Mengyao about her mood when she gave birth.

He Youjun disclosed that when Xi Mengyao arrived at the hospital to prepare for delivery, the gambling king on the other side was in intensive care unit, because he didnt know when Xi Mengyao was born, how long the gambling king could live, and whether the gambling king would come and see his baby grandson. At that time, he Youjun could only stay outside the ward, his father was critically ill, and his father was having a baby by caesarean section Grandma, its very hard.

He Youjun said frankly that at that time three heartbeats were in the same building, that is, the heart beat of the king of gamblers, the heart beat of the newborn baby, and the heart beat of Xi Mengyao. When he said this, he could not help choking. Xi Mengyao comforted: it doesnt matter, husband, its all over. It hurts.

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Xi Mengyao, a wealthy daughter-in-law, has a second child. Her mother-in-law once said she would have at least three

On December 25, the content of trio of happiness was not exposed. In the program, he Youjun revealed that his mother gave birth to a second child.

When he Youjun and his wife Xi Mengyao had dinner together, he suddenly said, you know my mother just wants us to have more babies.. Hearing this, Xi Mengyao replied with high EQ, husband, more babies are like pigs..

Then he Youjun explained that his mother is very happy to have more children, but he wants his wife to have two more children in three years, so that the eldest son can also have an adaptation process, and the three-year-old age difference can better take care of his younger brother and sister.

I didnt expect Liang Anqi, the fourth lady, to retort that this kind of opposition is not conducive to the feelings of brothers and sisters. It seems that she cant wait to see her second grandson or granddaughter.

As a matter of fact, Xi Mengyao just gave birth to the eldest grandson of the gambling king. When she appeared in the hospital, Si Tai said that at least three children should be born. She thought that there were more people and more people. Xi Mengyao always wanted to return to her career. There was some conflict between the two peoples ideas. It can be seen that the rich daughter-in-law is not good.

Not long ago, in the variety show, Xi Mengyao also revealed that she had suffered from spinal dislocation due to pregnancy, and her weight soared 35 Jin.