Zheng Shuang apologizes for second deletion and pays attention to Jin Chens article: attack me and rebound!

 Zheng Shuang apologizes for second deletion and pays attention to Jin Chens article: attack me and rebound!

In this regard, some netizens in the comments area made fun of Zheng Shuang and asked him to talk less and act more.. Some fans said that Zheng Shuang suffered a lot in the variety show, and many program groups also like to use Zheng Shuangs words to stir up heat. Zheng Shuangs acting skills are very good. Before that, he also brought good works to the audience, so its still a very good way to enter the group shooting. In addition, in recent years, Zheng Shuang specializes in variety shows, and fans are still looking forward to seeing Zheng Shuangs works.

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Zheng Shuang apologizes to Jin Chen and says so

Netease Entertainment reported on January 13 that at noon on January 13, Zheng Shuang sent an apology to Jinchen, little sister Jinchen, I think I cant escape my inner condemnation. I sincerely say Im sorry to you. I hope you accept my apology. I cant deceive myself to record programs any more Im ashamed. As Zheng Shuang mentioned that I cant deceive myself to record programs any more, many fans are wondering whether Zheng Shuang is going to quit pursuit of light again! Brother. After that, Zheng Shuang immediately deleted this blog post.

Before that, on January 7, Zheng Shuang interacted with the official account of Zhuoguang bars elder brother program group on the social platform. The official number relayed and added an article: I hope that Xiaoshuang will continue to help my elder brother in the future. Come on. the suspect official announced that Zheng Shuang will participate in the follow-up recording of the program. Yesterday evening, Zheng Shuang responded to the reason for returning to brother Zhuoguang, saying that he would coordinate and no longer participate in the recording of the program, leaving a message that he did not coordinate and suspected that he would continue to participate in the recording of the program.

It is reported that in December last year, chasing light brother broadcast a clip. Kasper, who was on a blind date with Jinchen in daughters love 3, was asked if he had a successful blind date with Jinchen. After that, he was silent. Du Chun said, it must have been unsuccessful. I know Jinchen too well. He is not Jinchens type. At this time, Zheng Shuang said: who is the type of Jinchen? Dunlon, isnt he? Then there was a heated discussion.

The original description of the situation is as follows:

Dear Zheng Shuang and the audience: on the evening of December 26, due to the operation error of the staff, it led to chasing the light! Some of the shooting materials of brother are broadcast in Youku in the form of short video, which brings pressure and trouble to Zheng Shuang, and dilutes the main creative line of focusing on brothers growth process and focusing on the program itself. At present, the relevant short video has been offline for the first time, and the relevant responsible person has been seriously dealt with. At the same time, the program team got in touch with Zheng Shuang for the first time to actively communicate and solve problems. We apologize to Zheng Shuang and the audience for this incident.

Zheng Shuang as chasing the light! Since taking part in the first recording, he has paid close attention to and sincerely helped his brothers journey of chasing light. He has given valuable suggestions and warm encouragement to the program and his brother with dedication and responsibility, bringing a lot of sincere and warm strength to the program and brothers. Chasing the light! Since the broadcast of elder brother, it has been trying to show the panorama of 21 elder brothers going all out to stand on the stage and face the challenge. In the program, we are deeply moved by the selfless participation of each elder brother and the dedication of the teaching director Jinxing and the popularity assistant officer Zheng Shuang, which is also worth cherishing. Through this event, we will comprehensively sort out the content material management process to prevent the recurrence of such events. At the same time, we will draw inferences from one instance, be more cautious about the content presentation of every second related to the program, further calibrate the creative attitude, focus on the efforts and growth of brothers, and strive to present more and better works. Thanks again to the fans and netizens for their attention to the program. I also hope that they will continue to support the brothers who follow the light and never give up.

On the 27th, she announced that she would quit the program: Im sorry, Im really sorry. I will coordinate the issue of no longer participating in program recording. In the early morning of December 28, the official issued a statement apologizing to Zheng Shuang, saying that some shooting materials were broadcast in the form of short videos on a certain platform due to the staffs operational errors, which brought pressure and trouble to Zheng Shuang. At present, the relevant short videos have been offline for the first time, and the relevant responsible persons have been seriously dealt with. Sorry for Zheng Shuang and the audience.