Sydneys memory of entrepreneurship is ridiculed by her predecessors eye-catching response: Sicong makes me grow up

 Sydneys memory of entrepreneurship is ridiculed by her predecessors eye-catching response: Sicong makes me grow up

It is reported that from 2013 to 2015, Sydneys rapid growth is really inseparable from the help of Wang Sicong. It is Wang Sicongs identity as a girlfriend that has made great progress in Sydneys career and made her famous in front of the public.

In this regard, Sydney is not taboo, directly in the comments area to reply to netizens comments and expressed her thanks to Wang Sicong: Thank you wang Sicong, let me grow up. In addition, Sydney also explained that she didnt mention Wang Sicong in the video because she was afraid that people would say that she would rub the heat, but she knew very well that without Wang Sicong, maybe she didnt have so many opportunities.

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Break the rumors! Sydney trumpet shows the buyers show by Wang Sicong

On the night of May 24 last year, Sydney aired a photo on the trumpet. In the photo, Sydneys ex boyfriend Wang Sicong was wearing a mask and wearing Sydneys clothes to advertise for her, trying to break the rumor that Wang Sicong and Sydneys husband didnt agree.

It is reported that recently, a netizen disclosed that Wang Sicong had a conflict with her ex girlfriend Sydneys husband in a nightclub, and the two quarreled in public, causing a heated discussion among netizens. On the evening of the 24th, Wang Sicong said angrily in an article on his microblog, if anyone can help me take full screenshots of these marketing numbers to keep the evidence, I will sue them all.

Wang Sicong takes buyers show for Sydney

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Among Wang Sicongs previous girlfriends, Sydney is a special one. Sydney once gave Wang Sicong 800000 yuan worth of clothes because he said no clothes to wear, and Sydney could almost call Wang Jianlin: Dad.

In 2015, Wang Sicong and Sydney met on the Internet; in early April, they had a drink in Shanghai and had eye to eye contact; on June 19, Wang Sicong and Sydney were photographed in BigBang Concert by the media, and their intimate behavior led to the exposure of their relationship.

Sydney, formerly known as Zhu Chenhui, was born on February 8, 1990 in Wenzhou City, Zhejiang Province. In 2009, Sydney became a student of grade 2009 in the Department of international trade, School of economics, Zhejiang University of technology and industry. In 2011, she went to Auckland University of New Zealand to study abroad. At the end of that year, she opened a Taobao shop called Lady Qian.

Now it seems that Zhu Chenhui, who was still studying in New Zealand at the end of 2011, did not expect to be able to hold hands with the son of the richest man in the future.

In the Taobao wind more and more fierce, Sydney and students with a small amount of money, opened a Taobao shop, named Mrs. Qian.

You know, at that time, customer service, packaging and delivery were all contracted by Sydney alone. In order to save costs, she maintained the operation of the whole store with her own shoulders.

Its just that they make a lot of money.

In 2013, social e-commerce was surging. Zhu Chenhui entered the microblog under the name of Sydney, accumulated fans by his appearance and network sense, and drained them to stores to lay the foundation for realization.

Two years later, many online Red incubation companies rose, and Taobao live broadcast also gradually opened a flower of hope. Sydney valued the opportunity and made a decisive attack. Contract net red at the same time also increase production. In just one year, the companys market value has exceeded several hundred million.

In order to seize the first share of double 11, Sydney began to fight in turns several weeks ago. Sometimes sleep less than two hours, rely on a cup of bitter coffee.

After the combination of live broadcast and social networking, Sydney quickly changed the platform, not only invited stars to join, but also changed blood quickly. The premiere achieved 61 million turnover. You know, its just early 2019.

In this world, there is only one protagonist among a million people, and this protagonist must be the one who makes things to the extreme.

In the past, we always thought that Sydneys counterattack could not be separated from the label of tearing onion.

Now, it turns out that she is the best at martial arts. Between her and Wang Sicong, one is white exhibition hall and the other is red silk. No one is inferior to others.

Sydney is not only a Xueba, but also opened a Taobao store when she was a student, with an annual income of 150 million yuan. She not only has a beautiful face, but also has her own career. She also represents Ali at the global investor conference.

Although with Wang Sicongs assist, her reputation is higher than before. But if you dont know how to transform or rebirth in time, how can you create todays glory.

There is a good saying: some things can only be done by one person, some things can only be done by one person, some things can only be done by one person, and some things can only be done by one person.

Sydney, who is well versed in this, neither pays attention to the arrogance of netizens, nor is deeply in the dilemma of public opinion. On the contrary, in October of the same year, it entered the top 30 of Huruns list of entrepreneurial leaders, becoming one of the few women on the list.

In addition to the courage to seize the opportunity and the diligence to work hard, she has one thing to learn from, which is her ambition to be positive and enterprising.

Wang Sicong naturally couldnt control such a woman. Its reported that the reason for the breakup was that Wang Sicong was still in a hot fight with a wanghong named Dou deer, wearing a couples dress and shopping with Sydney

In July 2016, Wang Sicong broke up with Sydney, but the portrait of Sydney at that time was still on the table. After Sydney said goodbye to Wang Sicong, she did not indulge in her old love;

Take the road of good choice, dont choose the road of good choice, you can have real yourself. In the first half of her life, Sydney was a winner.

Sometimes, in the face of a womans success, we always imagine all kinds of additional conditions, such as the upper position. But for Sydney, we have to stop speculating.

Because before she met Wang Sicong, she was already a rare charming light.

Once, Wang Sicong met Sydney, who was six months pregnant, at the Weimi show. He touched each others stomach cordially, as if he wanted to help Sydney and showed his love.

Later, Wang Sicong also made publicity for Sydneys husband and wife shop, which shows that Sydneys way of dealing with emotional problems is particularly excellent.

After that, Sydneys life became the focus of public attention. For example, Zhang Heng gave a million dollar diamond Patek Philippe watch as a birthday gift; Sydney also frequently tweeted to show her husband Zhang Heng cooking for her.

Zhang Hengs identity as a second-generation rich man has also been questioned. His father is from Shanghai, his mother is from Jiangxi, and his original family condition is general.

Zhang Heng is very strong in the operation of online stores and is very good at doing business. Rely on oneself and a few brothers partner to do clean out treasure acting operation to make a fortune slowly, opened acting operation company.

It is said that Zhang Heng was refused to pursue Sydney at first. Later, he helped Xia Xia shop to operate as an agent and made a lot of money. Then Sydney began to accept him. As a partner of Sydney, he didnt really invest a lot of money.

But what does it matter. Sydney is such an excellent woman, I believe her choice is wrong.

If its true, such a choice makes people feel that Sydney is a smart woman. She chooses people who can help her in her career. Now there are three people in her family. They are happy and waiting for a grand wedding.

The girl who can be liked by the second generation ancestor must not be a vase, but both beautiful and intelligent!

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