Gao Yuanyuan brings meizhao and her husband P together to play call for Zhao Youtings new film

 Gao Yuanyuan brings meizhao and her husband P together to play call for Zhao Youtings new film

Netizens have left messages: once every ten thousand years, business is to promote the film for her husband, invisible love is the most fatal and the most fatal, I finally sent a microblog or publicized for Zhao Youting..

A few days ago, Gao Yuanyuan revealed in an interview that he took on a lot of jobs after childbirth. He may make a TV play after the Spring Festival next year, focusing on the balance between womens workplace and marriage. She said that there are some changes in the theme of her script, most of which are mature women and mothers, which is very fresh for her.

It is reported that in 2012, Gao Yuanyuan and her husband Zhao Youting fell in love with each other because of the movie search; on April 17, Zhao Youting admitted his love affair with Gao Yuanyuan at a film conference. On June 5, 2014, Gao Yuanyuan and Zhao Youting registered for marriage in Beijing; on November 28, they were married in Taipei. On April 8, 2019, Zhao Youting announced that Gao Yuanyuan was pregnant on his microblog; on May 21, Gao Yuanyuan gave birth to his first daughter with Zhao Youting.

Since he gave birth to his daughter, Gao Yuanyuan has rarely appeared in the public eye, and he has kept a low profile at home to teach his husband and children. As the child grows older, Gao Yuanyuan gradually starts to work again.

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Is Gao Yuanyuan too humble? Zhao Youtings father scolds his daughter-in-law for putting the wrong cup

Netease Entertainment reported on November 20 that recently, a video of a variety show was exposed in the media, in which Zhao Shuhai, Zhao Youtings father, mentioned the real life of his daughter-in-law Gao Yuanyuan.

In the video, Gao Yuanyuans father-in-law Zhao Shuhai reveals that he is a perfectionist. The details of life are very demanding, such as the handle of the cup must face a certain direction.

At this time, the host asked him: if my son Zhao Youting made a mistake, what would he do? Zhao Shuhai replied, Zhao Youting has the same virtue as himself..

Zhao Shuhai also said that Gao Yuanyuan is a standard daughter-in-law. But if Zhao Youting and Gao Yuanyuan do something wrong, Zhao Shuhai will reprimand them together. If there is no improvement, Zhao Shuhai will directly criticize: what do you do to eat? Thats because you dont take life seriously.

Many netizens are shocked by this. After all, Gao Yuanyuan and Zhao Youting have always been a model couple before, and the media often exposes their sweet interaction.

Before that, Gao Yuanyuan paid a late night visit to her husband Zhao Youting. Zhao Youting came out of his hotel early to welcome him in advance. When he saw Gao Yuanyuan, he sat down and bowed down to say hello. They are very affectionate!

However, although Gao Yuanyuans father-in-law Zhao Shuhai said so, he was very satisfied with his daughter-in-law. Zhao Shuhai once said in an interview that he was very satisfied with Gao Yuanyuan! There is no star shelf, but also very considerate. It shows that the relationship between Gao Yuanyuan and his parents in law is very harmonious.

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Gao Yuanyuans father-in-law talks about granddaughters present situation excitedly

According to Taiwan media reports on October 27, Zhao Youtings father, Zhao Shuhai, took part in the recording of the program on October 26. He rarely disclosed his granddaughters recent situation. He said: originally, Zhao Youting was going to go back to Taiwan in May to help her daughter Rhea do a weekly job, but even the hotel was reserved. Unfortunately, when the epidemic situation came to disturb the situation, she had to do it at home We are very worried about her taking the microphone, but we are sure that she will take the microphone, and sure enough !

Zhao Shuhai said with a smile that Rhea, who is more than one year old, can already call her grandfather, grandmother and sister, now she will repeat the last two words. If you ask her whether she likes it or not? I will say yes, but if you ask her, will she suffer? She can also answer bitterness. At present, he and his granddaughter have a fixed video conference several times a week. When they talked about whether Rheas capture of the microphone made his grandfather happy, he laughed back: you are in the entertainment industry, so you know where the industry is hard. Its a lot of pressure to worry about the views of the outside world.

As for whether to support Rheas entry into the performing arts circle, Zhao Shuhai said with a smile: its still early! Lets talk about it when we are three years old. My idea is not to give strong hints, nor to push children to that environment. You can inherit as many goods as you have, and the talent of blood may not be inherited. The words give the granddaughter unlimited freedom.

After his daughter was born in Beijing, Gao Yuanyuan took a rest for a while, then accompanied Zhao Youting to live in her mother-in-laws house with her child. The pictures of three generations traveling together were also exposed by Taiwan media.

Zhao Youting and his family are all celebrities. His father, Zhao Shuhai, is well-known to the audience. However, they completely put down their airs to protect Gao Yuanyuan. They built a human flesh wall to help Gao Yuanyuan block the camera and prevent his postpartum figure from being exposed.

Taiwan media use words to describe Rheas appearance. Her skin is white and her flesh is puffy. Her facial features follow her father, Zhao Youting. On the whole, Rhea, who is one and a half years old, is well protected, and the high-definition front photos have not been taken out so far.

Gao Yuanyuan married Zhao Youting in 2014, and their relationship was very stable. On May 20 last year, they also symbolized the day I love you and welcomed the birth of their daughter. Although they have been married for six years, they are still like glue.