The ultimate notes ends with Wu Xie taking the mask of third uncle to start a new journey

 The ultimate notes ends with Wu Xie taking the mask of third uncle to start a new journey

Since the launch of the ultimate note, the public praise of the show has been rising all the way, netizens have issued Zhenxiang praise, and Douban score has risen to the highest of 7.8, realizing a perfect counter attack. In addition, the popularity of iqiyi station, the broadcasting platform, has reached 8286, and the series ranks at the top of the list of major mainstream TV series such as Guduo, cats eye, and Devon. Conscience production and high degree of reduction of the plot have aroused extensive discussion among netizens. In the late stage of the show, the popularity of public praise continued to grow. Many netizens said, why did I see this play? I regret not reading it early after reading the final notes, the feeling that the characters in the book really come to me and so on.

As a youth adventure drama series, the ultimate notes at the beginning of its launch, with the advantages of compact and interesting plot, fast rhythm, no water injection and high degree of restoration, it has numerous fans. The play is a collection of four volumes of the original works of notes on Tomb robberies: snake marsh ghost town, enigmatic sea homing, Yinshan ancient building, and qionglong stone shadow. The main line and auxiliary line of the play unfold simultaneously. Iron triangle follows the clues left by Wu three provinces and travels to Xiwangmu palace, banaiyao village, zhangjiagu building and other places. Along the way, it encounters numerous difficulties and repeatedly escapes from the dead As a side line, it is mainly based on the adventure plot, and the atmosphere is joyful, which adds details to the main line of the story and explains the cause and effect, so that many viewers who have not seen the original can fully understand the plot.

The perfect ending of Zhenxiang notes

In addition to the highly reductive adventure part of the plot, the iron triangles interaction is also a highlight of the show. Wu Xie, an innocent and kind-hearted man, a cool little brother, and Wang Pang, an emotional man in the handout, are among the iron triangle on the screen. In the final notes, Wu Xie and Wang pangzi still fall in love and kill each other, but Zhang Qiling is no longer the powerful and omnipotent immortal in the previous works. In the final notes, the little brother experiences meteorite amnesia and is seriously injured by Miluotuo, and the once sad past affairs of ah Kun is also revealed. Such Zhang Qiling is commented by the audience: little brother is a living man, he is a real man Finally, some people are distressed. At the critical moment of life and death crisis, the three people cooperate with each other tacitly to fight against monsters. The brotherhood of Guo Ming makes the audience say you can see the iron triangle in the original work.

In the finale of the final notes, in order to better trace the inside truth of Jiumen, and to rescue the trapped little brother from zhangjiagulou, Wu Xie finally chooses to wear the mask of Wu Sansheng and become the Third Master of Wu family. At the end of the sentence, if you wear the mask for too long, you cant take it off. it poked countless audiences into tears and left a message one after another: today is also a day of weeping for small notes, such an ending is really hard to make peace.. Now, although the show is over, its still warm. Many audiences are still immersed in the ending, and many netizens are clamoring for the second season. A large number of netizens spontaneously explain and Amway on Weibo, station B, Douban, Zhihu and other platforms, which is enough to see the popularity of the drama.

From the northwest desert to the southwest rainforest, the production team traveled all over the country to make scenes. During the shooting, there were many difficulties. The shooting place was remote and the road was not smooth. All the staff and actors walked for several hours to roll in the mud. In order to pursue the restoration of details, the crew keeps improving and highly restores a series of organ props in the play. The performers overcame many difficulties, and the silent efforts behind them made a wonderful performance in front of the camera, so that the familiar roles were vividly presented in front of everyone, presenting this sincere work to the audience. Although the ultimate note ushers in the grand finale, the iron triangle will not say goodbye, their story continues, looking forward to a better meeting in the future!