So many charming rivers and mountains

 So many charming rivers and mountains

Facing the reality, this play is very hard on the issue of poverty alleviation!

In the first episode of moving in the rain, the closed and conservative social system of the poor areas and acquaintances are fully reflected. Although Secretary long is the Secretary, he needs to be humble in order to evacuate the villagers. He says count me, please to RA Gong, who is highly respected in the village. The villagers must leave the village with their coffins. Many viewers may think this is unreasonable, but in the vast land of China, there are too many rules that can not be understood and too many traditions that can not be abandoned. What this play does is respect it to the maximum extent, and then try our best to keep it. Mutual respect is the first step of getting rid of the old and welcoming the new.

Low level of education, etc., rely on, to think flood, eat, drink, gambling, lazy, cliff village, signal tower are not In recent years, the difficulties and bad habits of poverty alleviation reported in so many charming rivers and mountains have not been deliberately avoided, but have the courage to show: when bullfighting, people are betting at the beginning of the game, and they gather to play cards in the daytime - gambling; schools become dilapidated buildings - infrastructure is not in place; lazy people always say that they want to give money and things directly - Peoples thinking still stays on getting something for nothing. So many beautiful rivers and mountains restores these poverty alleviation difficulties with dramatic techniques, and then overcomes them one by one in the following stories. This is not only the courage to face the reality, but also the responsibility to dig deep into the reality and solve problems!

To break the inherent impression of poverty alleviation cadres, who says village cadres can not tide?

Pu Quanshengs image of motorcycle Secretary has the feeling that he wants to be a trendsetter in his career. Tang Wenjun, the poverty alleviation team leader of Yongzhou Federation of literary and art circles in Xiangyuan village of Lanshan County, said, we really have several motorcycle team leaders there. In 2018, when we were stationed in the village, we borrowed a motorcycle from village cadres to ride on the Panshan road of Xiangyuan village for a year for the convenience of doing errands. We have met with poor households demanding relief money from working teams and township cadres. There are also tackling key problems to prevent negative public opinion by the Propaganda Department of the county Party committee, and telephone conversations to fight for project funds from the county. Seemingly absurd reality, but some people are experiencing everyday

So, with puquansheng. Although he is impulsive and reckless, he is different from the weak style of village cadres and the old-fashioned and stubborn thinking of villagers. He is young, energetic, does not admit defeat, and dares to say no to irrationality. In addition, the fiery character of Sha reporter reflects the enterprising spirit of young people, which makes people see more hope.

Tension but not fierce drama conflict, this drama has no pee point

In addition to the characters, the plot is also very important to attract more young people. Plain sailing is unrealistic, difficult and hard to see the future, which makes people feel uncomfortable, so there are a lot of funny plots in the play to adjust the atmosphere. Pu Quansheng set up two flags in two episodes, but they all collapsed, so he had to fill the hole by himself. The first is that the new official took office three times, removed the original village branch secretary and village head of wanmixi village, and promised to find a successor in a week. As a result, he asked for help everywhere, and no one dared to take the hot potato. In the end, he had to stick to his head. The second is to promise to get the maintenance money from the Education Bureau for wanmixi primary school in a week. As a result, it can only be recovered from the lighting project. When Pu Quansheng doesnt know the local situation, his decision is actually in line with the normal peoples cognition, but it is relatively immature and direct, and it doesnt necessarily solve the practical problems. Just as the lines in the play poverty alleviation is not wearing expensive lipstick and shouting cheap slogans, poverty alleviation needs to be done in order to find the causes of poverty and the ways to get rich.

From a prosperous metropolis to a small mountain village, the first difficulty shaou needs to overcome is that his car is blocked by a landslide and cant drive up. The second difficulty is that the toilet and the pigsty work together. Going to the toilet requires big eyes staring at small eyes with the pig. There are more unpredictable sufferings behind I cant help but want to see what strange hones they have to go through.

Innovation is not just talking about it, so many beautiful rivers and mountains takes the lead

In the past, TV dramas left a suspense at the end of an episode, but so many beautiful rivers and mountains borrowed the concept of egg from the film, showing the real poverty alleviation characters and achievements in the form of a 2-3 minute documentary to show young people injecting new vitality into poverty-stricken areas and bringing new direction. The creators sincerely want to promote poverty alleviation to more peoples hearts, so that the audience can feel the influence of poverty alleviation more truly. This is the transfer and application of Internet thinking, the leapfrog combination of content, and also creates a realistic theme of drama content integration. TV comes from life. There are many ordinary and great people around, which need to be discovered by heart.

We will vigorously support high-quality talents from all walks of life to be selected and transferred students, go to places where China needs them most, and promote the development of targeted poverty alleviation. This play truly and vividly shows all kinds of difficulties that young people will encounter when they carry out poverty alleviation work, which resonates with people engaged in poverty alleviation work, and also can attract more young people to take root in the grass-roots and devote themselves to the cause of poverty alleviation. Because behind this hard work, it carries the dream of generations. The new era poverty alleviation drama so many beautiful rivers and mountains, which combines positive energy and interesting plots, has attracted countless talents to help the poor.