Xiao Li Fei Dao Jiao Enjun divorced? Wife: two years of Cold War

 Xiao Li Fei Dao Jiao Enjun divorced? Wife: two years of Cold War

Lin Qianyu, 50, and Jiao Enjun, 53, who have been married for six years, are suspected to be on the red light. She admits that her father is very concerned about her emotional state, but no matter what decision she makes, he will support her. In 2014, she married Jiao Enjun, but she didnt expect that they had been married for only four years, which broke the news that they had been in cold war for two years. Asked if there is a new relationship? I dont have any expectations, she said. I wish my life was smooth and healthy.

The relationship between Jiao Enjun and Lin Qianyu is really hard to understand. It is reported that before he married Lin Qianyu, Jiao had a marriage and had two daughters. However, after 11 years of marriage, Jiao separated, leaving the house and raising his two daughters alone.

In 2014, Jiao Enjun, 46, married Lin Qianyu, a fellow actor. Two years ago, it even revealed that Jiao Enjun and Lin Qianyu had been separated for a long time.

Lin Qianyu once said that there was no so-called third party or affair between them. He wanted to live his own life and didnt want to break the current deadlock.

Therefore, Lin Qianyu and Jiao Enjuns marriage is a matter of name, but they do not choose to divorce. Apart from the marital relationship on the marriage certificate, they are the most familiar strangers.