Zhang Xueyou cheers for Shijiazhuang: Chinas anti epidemic achievements are recognized by the world

 Zhang Xueyou cheers for Shijiazhuang: Chinas anti epidemic achievements are recognized by the world

It is reported that this is not the first time that Jacky Cheung has recorded a video to send his best wishes to you. As early as when the global situation was relatively serious, he was in the same worldu300a OneWorld:TogetherAtHome u300bZhang Xueyou and Eason Chan have already performed together at the online global anti epidemic concert. At that time, it was a global public online concert. In his studio, Jacky Cheung sang with the whole people, hoping to send his cheers and blessings to everyone.

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Hebei is in a state of war

Netease Entertainment reported on January 6 that on January 6, Zhou Dongyu sent an article to forward CCTVs news microblog and added be healthy and safe to cheer for Hebei. According to CCTV news, Hebei Province has entered a state of war.

It is reported that Zhou Dongyu is also from Shijiazhuang, Hebei Province. Previously, Deng Lun, who is also a member of Shijiazhuang, also sent a message to send blessings to Hebei.

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Serious epidemic situation in Hebei province Deng Luns hometown: come on, Hebei!

As of 24:00 on January 4, Hebei Province has reported 19 local confirmed cases and 40 asymptomatic infections, most of which are concentrated in Shijiazhuang city.

On January 5, Deng Lun tweeted: come on, Shijiazhuang! Come on, Hebei Fan comments: come on. Protect yourself, come on Shijiazhuang, it will be better. Earlier, Deng Lun has been ridiculed as the light of Shijiazhuang by netizens, and his action of cheering for his hometown is very warm.

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My fourth best man for faxiao, dun Lun: I still have 10 faxiao

After becoming famous, Deng Lun appeared in Shijiazhuang many times to be the best man for his many children. He was also jokingly called the best man specialist.

Earlier, some netizens revealed the interesting story between denglun and Shijiazhuang. It is reported that Deng Lun was once pursued by a girl when he was at school. He chose to politely refuse the girl, and expressed his heart with a sentence I am not determined to be in Shijiazhuang, which also quickly came out of the circle.