14-year-old Li Yan bumps into Li Yapengs new girlfriend in a tight off shoulder skirt

 14-year-old Li Yan bumps into Li Yapengs new girlfriend in a tight off shoulder skirt

As the second generation of stars, Li Yans every move attracts much attention. After the Avatar was updated, many netizens said that Li Yans dress was too mature. After all, she was only 14 years old. She was too sexy and didnt look good.

However, in recent years, Li Yan seems to be more and more partial to this kind of mature style. Before that, she also dyed her blonde hair, with a round face and lovely facial features, which is not against the rules. Its just that this yellow dress has changed her whole temperament. She has a supermodel aura. Unlike Faye Wong, she looks like Li Yapengs new girlfriend haiha Jinxi.

As we all know, haiha Jinxi is a supermodel champion and a classmate of Wei daxun. Although she is an ethnic minority, her temperament is more unique. Li Yan is similar to her, so its not that her family doesnt go into one family.

Previously, some media photographed Li Yapeng and his daughter Li Yan meeting with his new girlfriend haiha Jinxi. It is revealed that the two people seem to have a good communication with each other in the same frame.

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Li Yapeng talks about her daughters tearful memories of Li Yans experience of learning to walk

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Li Yapeng talks about Li Yans growing up with red eyes, remembering her daughters first walk, full of excitement and emotion (source: original)

Netease Entertainment reported on December 18 that on December 17, Li Yapeng talked about her daughter Li Yans experience of learning to walk when she was a child in the new issue of Hello life. He said that Li Yan could not climb at first and her limbs were not very coordinated. But a man suddenly stood up and walked, the whole family happily called up. Up to now, Li Yapeng is very emotional in recalling this incident, and when he talks about it, he cant help but burst into tears.

It is reported that after Wang Fei divorced Li Yapeng, the custody of her daughter Li Yan belongs to Li Yapeng. Previously, the media also photographed Li Yapeng with her daughter Li Yan meeting with her new girlfriend. It seems that Li Yan and her new girlfriend get along very well.

Previously reported:

No dissatisfaction with dads new girlfriend? Li Yapeng suspected to take Li Yan shopping with his girlfriend

Netease Entertainment reported on December 14 that on December 12, a group of netizens exposed a photo of Li Yapeng taking his girlfriend haiha Jinxi to a vinyl record store. In the photo, Li Yapeng was wearing a black down jacket and a cap, chatting with people around him. Beside him, there were two other beauties.

A beautiful woman was wearing a black down jacket with the logo of sweet angel, lined with a white fur coat and jeans. The model is consistent with the one haiha Jinxi shared when she participated in the sweet angel activity. It can be seen that in the figure above, the lady with a expensive chanel bag is haiha Jinxi, a new girl of Peng.

Some netizens questioned. Is Li Yan the other beauty beside haiha Jinxi? From the color, length, hairstyle and posture of her hair, its very similar indeed.