Yuan Longpings tiktok has written off the voice of the VOKEN tiktok, which said there was controversy over the account.

 Yuan Longpings tiktok has written off the voice of the VOKEN tiktok, which said there was controversy over the account.

NetEase entertainment reported on January 13th, recently, a Yuan Longping account was identified by Yuan Longping, and the fans instantly broke 16 million tiktok. However, Yuan Longping himself did not know tiktok, but he said he was authorized. The tiktok account has been cancelled. People familiar with the matter revealed that Yuan Longping did not open any private account on the Internet platform.

Tiktok account is not Yuan Longping himself.

Tiktok tiktok tiktok, who was searching for the Yuan Longpings tiktok in the evening of January 12th, found that the information had been unable to search the account. The response was made in response to the trembling sound. The dispute was first recorded by Yuan Longpings academicians account.

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Yuan Longping settled in the shaking platform did not send video, then tiktok nearly 10 million.

Known as the father of hybrid rice in the world, Yuan Longping is loved by the people in China, especially when he won the Medal of the Republic last year. In January 9th, Yuan Longping officially entered the jitter, nicknamed Yuan Longping pioneer, and has so far been surrounded by nearly ten million tiktok.

Yuan Longpings tiktok platform

Up to now, Yuan Longping has not released a tiktok account. At present, Yuan Longping has paid attention to eight accounts, including Qingdao nine days smart agriculture in addition to official media. It is understood that Qingdao Jiutian company is mainly engaged in land improvement, intelligent agriculture and artificial intelligence. Academician Yuan Longping is its chief scientist.

Tiktok tiktok is also what Yuan Longpings grandfather is shaking when he hits 1236.1w. It is reported that Yuan Longping is now 91 years old and still insists on studying rice in the field. The rice he studies solves the food problem of at least 35 million people every year.

Kwai Chung, Chinas early Yuan Longping harvest, was the first time that the Chinese people had been in the same ID name as early as 2020. The second time was the attempt to make short video and live broadcast tiktok. Similar to Kwais output, Yuan Longping will continue to share agricultural knowledge and advanced planting ideas in the tiktok, todays headlines and watermelon video accounts.