Too hard! Gina Tings 8-month-old big belly advertises, her limbs are slim and tired

 Too hard! Gina Tings 8-month-old big belly advertises, her limbs are slim and tired

It is reported that when she went out to shoot the advertisement, her husband Lang Lang was unexpectedly not with her, but this did not affect Ginas performance. She put pose on the scene and faced the camera easily and naturally, which can be said to be very professional.

Gina, who is eight months pregnant, has a big stomach. She can see that her waist circumference has become thicker several times. It can be said that she is pregnant. But her limbs are still slim, and her figure is very good.

After eight months of pregnancy, Gina is still out to make money. She is really a desperate mother. I believe Lang Lang Lang supports her hard work.

Due to Ginas repeated body searches during her pregnancy, Lang Lang and his wife have been questioned about their body anxiety, which has aroused official criticism.

At the end of 2020, peoples daily commented on Lang Langs wife Ginas frequent hot search for her pregnant figure. The article said that these hot words are more like aesthetic prejudice against the body of pregnant women. The change of pregnant womens body shape is a natural process. If we repeatedly hype and advocate the so-called perfect body during pregnancy, it is a kind of abnormal propaganda, which will lead to wrong guidance.

Lang Lang and Gina can be said to be a good story in the piano industry, and their daily love after marriage is also enviable. On October 5, Gina announced that she was pregnant. When she was six months pregnant, Gina and Lang Lang attended the activity together, while Lang Lang said with a smile that Ginas waist had not changed since she became pregnant.

Before pregnancy, Ginas figure was concave and convex, with a waist circumference of only 56 cm. As can be seen in the activity video, Gina, who is six months pregnant, still keeps her slim waist line in addition to a slight bulge in her abdomen. Later, Ginas figure of six months pregnant also appeared on the microblog hot search and got a lot of praise. After that, in mid December, Gina showed a picture of herself seven months pregnant on the social platform. In the picture, Gina was wearing a pink dress, looking at the camera with a smile, and then her pregnancy figure was searched again. The first item in the hot search is the content of an article by the media number praising her good figure after pregnancy and full of girlhood.

It was also this time that the usual praise suddenly changed. Many netizens think that she is advocating abnormal aesthetic during pregnancy, and also hope that the public will not kidnap pregnant women with abnormal aesthetic.