Ding Zhens skillful smoking behavior arouses controversy

 Ding Zhens skillful smoking behavior arouses controversy

Netease Entertainment reported on January 12 that on the afternoon of January 11, a netizen broke out a video of Ding Zhen smoking on the Internet, which immediately aroused netizens onlookers and hot discussions.

In the video, Ding Zhen is smoking an e-cigarette, sucking it in and then spitting it out. He looks very skilled, just like an old smoker. It is quite different from his simple temperament in the past, which immediately aroused heated discussion among netizens.

Later, Ding Zhens Litang culture and tourism company responded that Ding Zhen himself did not smoke, and he smoked e-cigarettes out of curiosity. Children are interested in e-cigarettes. After a try, they dont smoke at all. They just light a cigarette and get a video. But in the face of reporters asking whether e-cigarettes are cigarettes, the staff who answered the phone angrily denounced no comment.

Previously, employees of Ding Zhens company took the initiative to expose that Ding Zhens family education is very strict, and he does not smoke, drink or even drink coke. At that time, Ding Zhen won a lot of favor. But now they are beaten in the face, which deceives the audience and makes netizens dissatisfied.