A recent photo of 61 year old Qi Qin reveals a close group photo with a sexy model

 A recent photo of 61 year old Qi Qin reveals a close group photo with a sexy model

Netease Entertainment reported on January 13 that on January 12, a netizen revealed a recent situation of Qi Qin on the social platform. The 61 year old still kept in good condition. He not only had a straight back, but also had a strong body. He was in a good mood when taking photos with the model. Qi Qin took photos with her, but instead of touching the waist of the beauty, he stretched out a gentlemans hand.

Since breaking up with Wang Zuxian, Qi Qin married his wife sun Liya in 2010. They met each other in 2005 and went through five years of acquaintance and three years of love. It is worth mentioning that sun Liya is 24 years younger than Qi Qin, only one year older than Qi Qins illegitimate son. They have been married for ten years and love each other as before. They are model couples in the performing arts circle.

After marriage, Qi Qins wife was taken good care of. In 2011, sun Liya gave birth to Qi Qins daughter Qixin in the United States. In June 2014, sun Liya gave birth to a son for Qi Qin in Taiwan. The family was happy.

It is reported that Qi Qins wife sun Liya is from Chengdu, Sichuan Province. She is a well-off rich second generation and used to be a singer. She participated in the first Miss MMS competition held by a portal website and won the top five in the national competition. Now, 36 year old sun Liya has retired to help Qi Qin manage the companys affairs behind the scenes. Recently, her recent photos have come out, and she seems to be still in good shape.