Xiao Zhan wrote about his hometown Chongqing: I prefer to call her Jianghu

 Xiao Zhan wrote about his hometown Chongqing: I prefer to call her Jianghu

Netease Entertainment reported on January 13 that on the evening of January 12, Xiao Zhan wrote an article on the social platform, saying: Hello, everyone, Im Xiao Zhan, Chongqing cub! He also wrote a long memorandum about Chongqing in his eyes: Chongqing is surrounded by mountains and rivers, with high-rise buildings and green mountains. He also recalled the Liberation Monument that his parents took him to when he was a child, and the light lit city in the evening. He called Chongqing the rivers Lake, full of lofty sentiments but gentle and delicate.

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Xiao Zhan disclosed that his mother would collect endorsement photos and then cautiously replied: I didnt mean you were my mother (source: Netease Entertainment)

On January 2, Xiao Zhans studio updated a video in which he said his new years wish was to have a hot pot. After completing the game task, he ate his own hot pot as he wished, and revealed that his mother would collect photos of his own products at home.

When referring to his mothers experience, Xiao Zhan suddenly replied cautiously: it doesnt mean that everyone is my mother. After that, he lay bashfully on the small hot pot.

As we all know, Xiao Zhan has a large number of fans, and many of them have the habit of collecting his endorsement photos! Mom loves you!

As one of the top stream in the circle, Xiao Zhan is very busy, but he always takes time to go shopping with his mother, so he is very filial. Zeng said in an interview: as long as you wear a mask, a hat and sunglasses, no one can recognize you when you go shopping.

Recently, however, he was recognized by fans because of his simple disguise.

Some fans said that the reason why Xiao Zhan didnt think anyone noticed him might be that even if the package was tight enough, the fans could recognize him at a glance, but they just didnt have the heart to disturb him. Most fans are very quality, even if they want to express like, they will politely ask.