150 million so? Zheng Shuang bought high imitation second hand and sold fans near the original price

 150 million so? Zheng Shuang bought high imitation second hand and sold fans near the original price

Yesterday, Zheng Shuang was exposed to spend 150 million to buy a luxury house in Shanghai, causing a heated discussion on her super purchasing power. Later, some netizens revealed that she sold high-end imitations on second-hand websites and sold them to fans at almost the original price.

On January 12, some netizens revealed that Zheng Shuang sold high imitation brands on a second-hand idle platform, which can be resold with one click, that is, the previous purchase information can be seen. Embarrassment is that this pair of boots is a high imitation of a fashion brand. She not only paid 253 yuan for the fake, but also sold it to fans at 230 yuan, which is almost the same as the original price.

Moreover, this situation happened more than once. There are also some brands split toe boots and another brands high top boots, both of which are high imitations, and then they are sold at almost the original price.

For this, many netizens make complaints about it: she is so low to no lower limit!

It is reported that this is not the first time that Zheng Shuang has flipped over second-hand goods. Before that, she has flipped over on second-hand websites for many times. She not only sells free clothes for activities, but also suspects that she regards yen as RMB and sells some second-hand goods at a price increase of 10 times.

On the evening of March 11, 2020, a blogger revealed a screenshot of Zheng Shuangs second-hand fish sale. The content of the screenshot was as follows: I bought it from a foreign website, but the original price was slaughtered by 9000 people. My mother thought some clothes were hanging. The final price was set at 4100 RMB, with a discount of more than half. The blogger pointed out: is this the wrong price? Or too much money, I cant tell the exchange rate of RMB and yen?

Originally, sharp eyed Netizens found that the price on Zheng Shuangs screenshot label is suspected to be Japanese yen (9000 yen is about 600 yuan). They also pointed out that the QR code of his label starts with 45, which is a Japanese label, and the symbol in front of 9000 is $instead of uffe5. Therefore, the necklace bought with 9000 yen and sold with 4100 yuan has aroused heated discussion among netizens.

Later, some netizens found similar original products with a price of 4000 yen (about 265 yuan). In this way, the middle price difference is more than 10 times. Even if calculated according to Zheng Shuangyuans price, if you buy 600 yuan, you will sell 4100 yuan, which is nearly seven times the price difference.