Bi Ying, Zhang Danfengs gossip agent

 Bi Ying, Zhang Danfengs gossip agent

At the end of 2020, Bi Ying shared a video on her personal social platform and was suspected to be in love.

In the video Bi Ying sent, sharp eyed Netizens found that mens arms and figures appeared many times. And from the perspective of taking photos, Bi Yings beautiful photos also seem to be taken from her boyfriends perspective. In addition, the soundtrack of her video is foodie girlfriend, which has aroused endless speculation from netizens.

Before that, Bi Ying and Zhang Danfeng were dressed for love. She has been photographed many times with Zhang Danfeng in the hotel. After that, under the pressure of public opinion, Bi Ying resigned.

After disappearing for some time, she has appeared frequently on social platforms recently. In a previous video, she was wearing a diamond ring, which also triggered speculation about her emotional status.

However, the marriage relationship between Zhang Danfeng and Hong Xin is questionable. Its been a long time since they showed their love in the same frame.

In sharing the daily life, Hong Xin has never seen Zhang Danfeng. She often interacts with her son Zhang Haolian, but ignores Zhang Danfeng. On Hong Xins 49th birthday, Zhang Danfengs blessing was not on time. He sent his birthday wish every other day. Whats more, his name for Hong Xin has become her mother.

According to Hong Kong media, Hong Xin and Zhang Danfeng have agreed to be separated. For the sake of the mans career, they will not make it public for the time being. The report also said that Zhang Danfeng didnt show up at the celebration of his sons or daughters birthday for more than half a year, and Hong Xin didnt show up on his birthday, which shows the clue.

The media verified Zhang Danfengs good friend Hongxin, and the other side refuted the rumor that the two divorced, saying: the gap has passed through both sides, and it can be confirmed that it is false news!

In 2018, Zhang Danfeng was exposed to be unfaithful to bi Ying, his agent, but an insider revealed that Hong Xin chose to forgive Zhang Danfeng. On April 8 of that year, gossip media exposed the picture of Zhang Danfengs secret meeting with his former agent Bi Ying during his filming in Chongqing. According to the source, Bi Ying and Zhang Danfeng live next door to each other, but they can enter and leave Zhang Danfengs room freely. The two returned to the hotel after eating hot pot on the roadside for three hours. The incident caused a great stir on the Internet, and the two were often photographed in the same frame, wearing the same style and other clues were picked.

Tracing the source:

Zhang Danfeng is suspected of cheating! Agent response: brother Feng and only know each other

In July 2018, a netizen disclosed that Zhang Danfengs agent and Zhang Danfeng were too close, which caused netizens to speculate that Zhang Danfeng was derailed. Just now, Bi Ying, Zhang Danfengs agent, issued a long article to clarify this rumor and explain all kinds of lovers money. She also said that Hong Xin and Feng brother took her as their sister, causing a misunderstanding because they had been together for a long time. She and Feng brother only knew what they were doing, but they didnt love each other.

Microblog full text of Bi Ying, Zhang Danfengs agent:

When it happened, we all thought it was funny, so we ignored it. Now, when it comes to Fengges suspected infidelity and his agent Xiaosans slander, I have to explain it.

Lets talk about all kinds of money for lovers first

Ive been wearing my ring for many years. Brother Fengs ring was bought for him by sister Xin. The brand is totally different.

My bracelet was bought by sister Xin for me, and brother Feng wore it by sister Xin.

Small dirty shoes look similar. They were popular that year and everyone wore them.

The style of rickowens shoes is also very single, and the classic style is almost the same, but our shoes are different, just the brand is the same.

The same Hoodie is made by Fengges clothing brand. Let me support it. I bought it in his store.

Guccis T-shirt and front logo are like this. My front is dragonfly, which was too expensive before I bought it. But sister Xin said it was pretty good, so I bought it. Brother Feng had flowers on his shoulder, which sister Xin bought for him.

The same watch is the most speechless. From beginning to end, this watch belongs to brother Feng. I take it when I record the program. No matter the necklace or the watch, the staff always wear it on themselves. In this way, they wont lose it or scratch it.

One on the left is bi Ying

The reason is that in this Disney photo, the artist stands in the middle, and the people on both sides have to lean towards the middle. Originally, the other three of us were all on one side, and then the assistant said we should not all stand on one side, so we rearranged the formation. It cant be said that the little sister next to sister Xin is also interesting to her. Because I take care of Tong Tong when sister Xin works occasionally, so the children have a good relationship with me. They usually hold hands, but they just hurt the children.

This is the artist standing in the middle, and the agent is next to the artist. As for why we are heart-shaped balloons, because they are made, we can get whatever we give.

I cant stand in the middle of this Tongtong birthday. Its normal for me and my assistant to stand alone. As for the head direction One to the right and one to the left. I took all the photos of the four members of the family. At the end of the photo shoot, brother Feng said to take a group photo together for a souvenir.

520 stem: I sent this microblog to hummingbird, and the three of us, Sister Feng Gexin and I, had dinner that day. When we paid the bill, it was 520 yuan, and the number of fans of Feng Gexins microblog was 5.2 million, so I said to send a welfare to the fans, no more.

Inseparable: I take other peoples wages, this is my job, my work includes but is not limited to, always protect the safety of artists.

Microblog photo style: if I dont take photos, I can afford more than a dozen photo repair software in my mobile phone. If my eyelids are not high or white, they are pasted.

In addition to the working relationship, Sister Feng Gexin took me as a younger sister and celebrated my birthday together. I am very grateful for this. The misunderstanding caused by this is that we have been together for a long time and the relationship is really good. Brother Feng and I have only the kindness of knowing the situation and no love.

Finally, Id like to apologize for scolding netizens?? A kind of Im really angry to see so many comments, but what I understand now is that because I didnt explain it well, you dont know, thats my fault.

Today, I explain that because we are really busy, we still have many arrangements to deal with. I hope you will support brother Feng as always.