Dong Zijian and Ni Ni are accused of being too careless when they put their hands on the womans chest

 Dong Zijian and Ni Ni are accused of being too careless when they put their hands on the womans chest

In the latest two episodes, Xie HongZu finally holds the beauty home. They lie on the big bed of their own home, dressed cool. Dong Zijian put his right hand around Ni Ni and put his left hand on her shoulder, letting her nestle in his arms.

When Dong Zijian put his hand on Ni Nis chest, it caused some netizens discomfort, accusing: some of them exceeded the safe distance. It can be seen from the stills that there is a quilt in the middle.

In the following shooting, Ni Ni turns around and holds Dong Zijians hand in front of her chest.

Where does Dong Zijian put his hand? Its uncomfortable to put it directly on Ni Nis chest.

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Dong Zijians intimate play is controversial! Hands on Ni Nis chest, no scruple, accused of exceeding a safe distance

In addition to questioning Dong Zijian, netizens also compared him with gentlemanly hand.

What is a gentlemans hand?

Take the same period drama the great girl for example, when male performer Zhang Chao and Jin Chen played against each other, because the woman was wearing cool clothes, the mans hand did not directly contact the female stars skin, but gently leaned with his elbow, without crossing the line, which fully respected the female partner.

In previous films and TV dramas, there were actors who did this, such as Ren Jialun and Bi Wenjun, which were once called positive models.

And the opposite of gentleman hand is of course salty pig hand, such things are not rare in the entertainment industry.

When Yu Shuxin took part in the variety show grade one, Liu runnan, her partner, was stripped out. When she acted, her hands were not on her waist, but on her chest.

Yu Entai was also told by netizens that he was harassing in the workplace because of a series of make complaints about womens shoulders and hugs.

But then again, these behaviors are magnified because of their star status. It is undeniable that sometimes it is because male stars really lack a sense of propriety, but sometimes it is really for the need of more real optimization of the plot, which can not be generalized.

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Young master of Beijing Dong Zijian: my mother is a big man in Beijing circle. She was shortlisted for the Golden Horse Award at the age of 19. Now shes finally hot

With the popularity of big river 2 and golden age, the TV drama frenzy has been set off again.

Which plays will be the most popular in 2021? The two will be dragon and Phoenix in the play.

Dajiang Dahe 2 tells the story of young peoples struggle to restore the college entrance examination system, improve the economic system, and contract responsibility system. These little people are struggling, reflecting the miniature of that era.

They rush to all walks of life, with their own efforts, to achieve one after another impossible.

The golden age mainly tells the story of two girls, Zhu Suo Suo and Jiang Nansun, who are still supporting each other despite the trials of life and love.

This TV play tries to tell you that there is such a kind of person in life, they grow up together, trust each other, no matter the road ahead is smooth or difficult, the wonderful life is always coming.

The sharp eyed audience may say that there is one figure in these two TV series at the same time, that is Dong Zijian, the Prince of Beijing circle.

Year of Dong Zijian

In big river 2, Dong Zijian plays a peddler Yang Xun. He was born humble and likes to show off his cleverness. He never knows how to settle down.

But it was that restlessness that made him smell the tide of the times and use his own shrewdness to accumulate a lot of wealth.

This role is not pleasing. He not only makes false accounts, but also flatters others, with a villain face.

This kind of picture of crawling and rolling from the bottom aroused the resonance of us migrant workers. Sometimes, we are not very optimistic about the plot, but when we think about it carefully, why not ourselves?

Its not just emotional control thats appropriate. Even Dong Zijians walking posture is self-confident. In the play, Yang Xun bends down and looks tired. But when he enters the work, he can clear up his mood every minute.

It has to be said that Xiao Dongs acting skills are not built.

In the golden age, Xie HongZus appearance highlights the whole play. Dong Zijian and Ni Ni have a love story, but they finally break up.

Xie HongZu is a real rich second generation. He often talks about Versailles. For example, whats hard to be a rich man.

In fact, this man was very lonely since he was a child. He lived under the pressure of his mother. Until he met Zhu Suo Suo, he gradually fell in love with each other. After a series of ideological struggles, he bravely expressed his mind.

This part of confession can be called a textbook level course.

No matter in terms of body movements or language, Dong Zijian performed all the feelings of the rich second generations being generous and small waves in his heart. At one time, he was sweet to many fans.

Its not too much to say that 2021 is the year of Dong Zijian. There is a great contrast between the two plays. However, in dealing with the character and the environment of the times, Dong Zijians performance will portray the role incisively and vividly.

His performance is very comfortable to watch. He is always in a relaxed state. I have to say that among the many post-90s, Dong Zijian is quite brilliant.

I cant run away when Im rewarded by heaven

In 1993, Dong Zijian was born in a big family. His father was a famous actor, Dong Zhihua. He was well known by the audience for shooting the oil bomber in Kung Fu with Stephen Chow.

In fact, many years ago, Dongs father was a senior martial arts student, who played in famous films such as crossing the river dragon.

Her mother, Wang Jinhua, is even more amazing. She is known as the first agent in the mainland, and she can be described as a call the wind and call the rain figure in the entertainment circle.

At that time, with her unique vision, she broke into a world.

Her actors include Fan Bingbing, Chen Daoming, Bai Baihe and other first-line stars. Later, Hong Kong celebrities Carina Lau and Guan Zhilin came to the mainland and signed with her for the first time.

The ability of sister Hua is not something that uncle Mai can finish in a few words.

Under his fathers aura, its hard for him not to be popular, so the media resources and hard backstage come to tease him.

After all, how many people are envious of the fate of the Star II generation? How can the poisonous tongue of the media be let go?

There are so many celebrities who are popular, but their own children are not. In the face of such doubt, Xiao Dong uses his works to make everyone shut up.

In fact, as early as when he was 19 years old, he played in his first work youth school. Looking back at the film again, we will find that the inspirational and brave boy has always affected everyones heart.

After the film was released, it won the best film award of Shanghai Film Festival. Dong Zijian won the best actor award and the best nomination of Golden Horse Award for his excellent acting skills.

When he was 20 years old, he had such achievements. I have to say that Dong Zijians success depended on himself, in addition to the favorable time and place.

Uncle Mai thinks that because of his family, Dong Zijian has little concept of money, contacts and resources since he was a child. He was born in the rich circle and used to see the right and wrong of the entertainment circle. His desire for interests is obviously not attractive to him.

It is this that makes him more pure and real on the road of performing arts.

In the movie mountain and river lovers directed by Jia Zhangke, young Dong Zijian and veteran Zhang Aijia fall in love.

Zhang Aijia is 40 years older than him, but from the video of kissing on the plane, there is no sense of disobedience of No. 4. On the contrary, the expression of doubt is full of sweetness and lust.

This pair of love forgetting the Spring Festival brought more shock to everyone. The film was shortlisted for the Golden Palm Award of Cannes Film Festival, and Dong Zijian became the youngest shortlisted in history.

For a time, at the age of 24, he became a hot potato in the circle. One after another, people who flattered him knew that it was only a matter of time before he could have a good relationship with Dong Zijian.

Young Dong Zijian has seen too many intrigues. His mind is very clear, and he is very disgusted with social activities. He spends more time on his family.

Compared with the young fresh meat of their age, many of them were not in charge of human affairs. At this time, Dong Zijian had already married and had children.

The lucky girl, Sun Yi, is a little-known actress. They did not fall behind and become obstacles.

On the contrary, in front of the public, they openly admit their love relationship on social platforms, and they have dolls the next year.

In the face of his wife, Dong Zijian always dotes on his wife.

Uncle Mai has something to say

Todays Dong Zijian, the winner of tuoers life, has been on the market for ten years. Its not high-yield, but most of them are classics.

Its not his fault to have a background, and theres nothing to show off about the identity of the prince. Today, Dong Zijian is no longer the son of Wang Jinghua, but the actor Dong Zijian.

I hope this post-90s actor will present more excellent works for you in the future.

I hope that what we all pay attention to is not his background and resources, but his efforts and acting skills.

I believe that Dong Zijian will become a winner in the entertainment industry in the future.