Chen he and his wife play hide and seek with their daughter

 Chen he and his wife play hide and seek with their daughter

Zhang Zixuan, who was passing by, asked Chen he why he was alone in it. What about the children? Chen he said he didnt know. He shook his head and glanced. Zhang Zixuan then asked him what he was doing? Chen he couldnt help laughing, saying that he was thinking about what to eat tomorrow. Later, Zhang Zixuan directly opens the paper box and finds her daughter Anan hidden behind Chen he. The father and daughter failed in their disguise, which made Zhang Zixuan laugh. The three of her family get along with each other with love and warmth.

It is worth mentioning that from the view of the ground reflected on the plastic plate in the lens, the floor of Chen hes house is full of shoes. Not only that, there is a shoe cabinet beside Chen hes carton, which is full of air.

Previously, Chen he had accidentally exposed his familys ten story shoe cabinet, full of all kinds of famous brand shoes, and placed a whole wall.

It is reported that Anan, Chen hes eldest daughter, was born on October 23, 2016. Since the birth of his daughter, Chen he has always published interesting stories about getting along with his daughter on social platforms, which can be called daughter slave. But before, every time Chen he took photos of his daughter, he gave a code to an ans face.

On December 28 last year, Chen he first exposed a positive photo of his eldest daughter Anan on the social platform, saying, sister an of Desser..

After seeing an ans face photo, many netizens commented: I didnt code for the first time, lovely, did I forget to code?. Not long ago, Chen he also shared the dynamic content of his beloved wife Zhang Zixuan with you for the first time on the social platform. It is reported that this is the first time that Chen he has taken Zhang Zixuan with him in five years of marriage.

Previously reported

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Chen hes first video of Zhang Zixuan (source: Netease Entertainment)

Netease Entertainment reported on November 18 that on the night of November 17, Chen he released a video dynamic on his personal social platform to show his wife Zhang Zixuan for the first time.

Recently, the TV series aiming, starring Huang Xuan and Chen hes partner, has come to an end. Chen Hefa said goodbye to the new play. He also aired a video of eating supper, and said in the accompanying article: the end of the work, we need to switch back to the food mode.

To netizens surprise, in the video, Chen hes wife Zhang Zixuan also left the country. It is reported that this is Chen hes first appearance with Zhang Zixuan in five years of marriage. Although he has no face, netizens are very sure that this is Zhang Zixuan himself, even the nail color is right!

Chen he has two marriages. The first one is Xu Jing, whom he met in junior high school. They got married in January 2013 after 13 years of love. In January 2015, Chen he was exposed as suspected divorce news report. Since then, Chen he published a long micro blog Im wrong to confirm the divorce rumors.

The second marriage was with Zhang Zixuan. It is reported that since the announcement of their relationship, Chen he and Zhang Zixuan have been subject to derailment and small three disputes. This is also an important reason why the couple have not shown their love publicly.