Lin Zhiying responds that Kimi is not allowed to show his face: I hope he can be free from being disturbed

 Lin Zhiying responds that Kimi is not allowed to show his face: I hope he can be free from being disturbed

Lin Zhiying married Chen ruoyi in 2010 and gave birth to three sons. He once took his eldest son Kimi to participate in the reality show wheres dad? unexpectedly, Kimis popularity is even higher than his fathers! After Kimi became popular, she also starred in related movies and had a large number of fans at a young age.

Lin Zhiying used to protect her family. Seven years ago, she let Kimi be exposed on the program where are we going? Later, she gave birth to twin sons Jenson and Kyson. Lin Zhiying also began to share life photos on the community platform. However, when Kimi reached the age of primary school, Lin Zhiying and Chen ruoyi reached a consensus to let her son return to the life of an ordinary child. They only occasionally showed their backs or side faces To solve the fans love for him.

In a recent media interview, Lin Zhiying revealed that she started her career at the age of 17 and lost her freedom at a young age. Therefore, she does not want her son to follow him. He is very comfortable now and will not be disturbed. Lin Zhiying thinks that when Kimi gets older, she will be interested in the entertainment industry.

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Sour! Lin Zhiyings mansion has been exposed and an F1 Ferrari car has been parked in the living room

According to Taiwan media reports, recently, Yang Xiurong, a famous actress, delivered drinks to her friends home in person to promote her drink shop. Last week, Yang sent drinks to Lin Zhiyings home. She also opened a live broadcast to expose Lin Zhiyings high-tech mansion. In the 9-minute live broadcast, the most eye-catching thing was that the living room stopped A F1 Ferrari car surprised Yang Xiurong, calling it exaggeration.

Yang Xiurong revealed that as soon as Lin Zhiying entered the house, it was divided into left and right blocks. On the left side were the living room and F1 Ferrari cars, as well as the water-cooled computer that made her marvel. Of course, there were related equipment and large screens that video game fans were crazy about. Lin Zhiying also generously invited her to bring her twin sons to play video games.

She said that the Lin family is about Mo Baiping, which means two families on the first floor are connected. On the left is Lin Zhiyings special area, and on the right is the kitchen and Lin Zhiyings master bedroom and childrens room. The decoration is not luxurious. The American style rural style created by wire boards and gray walls is elegant and warm. There are also high-tech equipment such as voice controlled electric lights. The decoration style is completely in accordance with Lin Zhiyings wife Chen Ruoyis preference shows how much he loves his wife.

Lin Zhiying explained that the Ferrari was not equipped with an engine and gearbox, and it could not drive to the road. It was just an empty shell. At that time, it was hoisted into the house with a crane. Yang Xiurong was stunned. Lin Zhiying also took Yang Xiurong to visit the computer work area at the other end of the living room. He used a relatively rare water-cooled computer. He usually played games at home while watching the stock market.

At the age of 45, Lin Zhiyings obsession with cars is no longer news. He not only loves to buy sports cars, but also loves his next car. In 1992, he set up his first racing team and began to participate in cross-country race in 1997. In 2000, he won the first championship in his racing career at Zhuhai circuit. In 2018, his flat car team won the annual championship of China prototype series. I own Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche, Auston Martin, Mercedes slrmc laren and many other luxury cars.

Lin Zhiyings daily life has always been very heroic. Before his mothers birthday, he held a grand birthday party for her mother and invited many friends in the circle. The gathering of celebrities was like an award ceremony.