Jay Chou basks in luxury sports car, daughter appears on camera: my girl thinks this one is OK

 Jay Chou basks in luxury sports car, daughter appears on camera: my girl thinks this one is OK

Not long ago, it was revealed that Jay Chou was selling a Tamsui villa on a certain platform at a price of NT $58 million (about RMB 13.41 million). It is reported that this luxury house was bought by him when he was dating Kunling. They often dated here. Jay Chou himself also filmed MV here, which is a typical European architecture.

The mansion covers an area of 226 square meters, with three rooms, six living rooms and five bathrooms. On the website for sale, the interior decoration of the villa is posted, which looks very luxurious.

After seeing the price, netizens said that Jay Chou is really a real estate tycoon in the entertainment industry.

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Kunling party belly bulge revealed by Jay Chous P small original picture: suspected to be pregnant with three children

According to Netease Entertainment on January 2, recently, Jay Chou took a group photo of a gathering of friends on his social account. There were many people in the photo. Everyone laughed at the camera and the scene was happy.

Jay Chou and Kunling husband and wife occupy the C position, worthy of the leading role, in the big shot, their state is more obvious.

Photos from Jay Chou

Wearing a loose zebra striped sweater, Mr. Zhou has a very strong figure. Beside him, Kunling still looks like a little bird. The contrast between the husband and wife is obvious, but it doesnt hinder the sense of CP.

This time, Jay Chous comment area is also rare, and there is no voice urging him to lose weight. It seems that everyone is used to often fat but suddenly thin of Jay Chou.

However, it was embarrassing that a friend of Jay Chou also showed the same picture. In the friends picture, Kunlings belly bulge was obvious. This time the operation can not help but let people imagine, Kunling is pregnant with a third child?

Photos from friends of Jay Chou

However, there has always been a tradition in the entertainment industry that the pregnancy is less than three months and is not released to the public. Therefore, if Jay Chou and Kunling really have news, they can understand it. After all, the last time Jay Chou announced that his wife was pregnant with a second child was a few months after Kunling was pregnant. In this way, netizens guess that Kunling might be pregnant with a third child is more reliable.

But some netizens think that stars always pay attention to figure management, especially female stars, and the requirements for figure are almost harsh. And Jay Chou has always favored his wife. If he finds that his wifes state in the group photo is not perfect, its not impossible for him to start a small kitchen for Kunling.