Miss Beauty yamys domineering response to outside criticism

 Miss Beauty yamys domineering response to outside criticism

Yamy does not give up group dissolution Yang Chaoyue jealous Duan aojuan

In June last year, rocket girl 101 announced its formal dissolution, and since then 11 members have embarked on their own development path. Although they couldnt meet frequently because of their busy work, their friendship remained unchanged. In the program, as soon as they meet, yamy and Yang Chaoyue start to fall in love and kill each other, as if they are back to their team time. Yang Chaoyue dislikes that yamys taste in pajamas is Mom level, but yamy has no choice but to say that Yang Chaoyue is too cute when he is lazy. It makes people angry, but he cant get angry with her.

These make complaints about Yamy and Yang Chaoyues team complex. As the team leader, yamy chatted about how he got along with everyone during the group forming period and expressed that he was very reluctant to disband the team. It is said that as long as the members hear the songs in the teams third album, they will be moved to cry together. In this issue of Miss Beautys truth test, with the help of water probe, yamy and Yang Chaoyue also know each other better. Interestingly, when Yang Chaochao asked yamy who was more important between himself and Duan aojuan, the probe betrayed yamys real idea. Who did yamy choose between Duan aojuan and Yang Chaochao. Since then, Yang Chaoyue has repeatedly mentioned in public that Duan aojuan has other rappers and let yamy feel aggrieved and fall the needle on the spot. What kind of entanglement is there between the three people? It will be revealed when the program is broadcast.

Yamy rejects Yang Chaoyues criticism

For a long time, there have been many disputes about yamy and Yang Chaoyue. For this reason, the program team specially arranged for them to read and respond to the bad reviews. Yang Chaoyues handsome back to buy hot search query, while yamys aggressive response to the negative comments on her appearance and age from the outside world. He also said that rather than care about these bad reviews, he should devote more energy to reporting back to those who support him, which made beauty group admire her very much.

In addition to the pressure of public opinion, last years recording event can be said to be a major test of yamys acting career. After that incident, yamy was able to completely end his fear. It is reported that Yang Chaoyue, who saw the news for the first time, cried because he loved yamy. As artists, outsiders can ignore their bad words because they dont understand them, but only when people around them dont support them can they really hurt them. For Yang Chaochao, the boss is not only a superior, but also a partner of his peers. If even the boss cant stand by him, its completely sad.

It is reported that after the recording incident broke out, many of the older artists who had never met offered a helping hand to yamy. Some musicians asked her if she wanted to cooperate in a song, while others supported her through a middleman. If you want to know who has moved yamy so far, lets find out in the program.

Through this program, the audience will see the more real and lively yamy and Yang Chaoyue in their life after retreating from the womens group and stage aura. They have the loveliness of young girls and the open mind after experiencing the wind and rain. They also have the vision and anxiety in the face of the unknown future. Lets listen to the happiness and annoyance of their growth in the ninth program of the third season of Miss Beauty at 8:00 this evening Dont worry.