Skill tree

The skill tree is a right direction, and Blizzard hopes that the choice of skills will bring different feelings to the characters. Blizzard will iterate and further improve it. The skill tree shuffle is unlimited, but not free. Its easy to wash in the early stage, and the cost will increase greatly in the later stage.

Attribute point regression

Blizzard has studied the classic RPG elements of the early works of Diablo series. When you are fighting monsters, what are you actually doing? You are constantly training your skills, and you are becoming more and more skilled, powerful and smart.

Upgrade to one level, you will gain strength, intelligence, agility or volition points and skill points. Different classes have different main attribute points. For example, barbarian power plus skill damage, mage power plus defense.

Equipment will provide a small number of attribute point selection, but most of the attribute point combination will come from the limited allocation of players. Each class has a wide selection of skill trees. At the same time, players can use attribute points to unlock the third form of skills.

New system: attribute points can unlock the upgrade effect of skills

Weapon type

The latest in-house tests add speed and inherent characteristics to all weapons. For example, fast one handed weapons and slow two handed weapons, in addition to speed, each weapon has its inherent physical characteristics. For example, a shield has block value regardless of its quality.

Quality of goods

Changes: the range of affixes on magic equipment has been increased, and the number of affixes on rare equipment has been increased. Legendary affixes will now appear randomly on any legendary item, replacing mythological equipment with unique equipment.

Magic equipment - increases the potential of single attribute affixes and has the most powerful single affixes

Legendary equipment - legendary affixes are now random in legendary items, with 4 regular affixes and 1 legendary affixes

Unique equipment - replace myth equipment

You can think of a legendary item as a rare item with an affix replaced by a legendary effect. The new legend affixes, like the regular affixes, can be randomly obtained from different items and different equipment slots.

Unique equipment is a kind of equipment with completely fixed affixes, distinctive theme and usually occupation specific skills, which has a unique appearance. Mythological equipment was replaced, and the concept was used on legendary items.

Blizzard said that it liked the idea of mythical equipment, but did not want to design equipment and affixes to crush other items, so it made a compromise. In the design of unique equipment, one thing is certain, that is, the legendary effects and strength of items are random.