Huang Zitaos meditation

In the photo, Huang Zitao is wearing a black down jacket and sitting on a chair with his legs crossed. On one side of the table, there are many Buddhist statues, which are very devout. Fans also comforted in the comment area: if you are sincere, you will be good. If you are so devout and pure, everything will be fine..

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On January 7, Huang Zitao showed two pictures of his own womens dress on the social platform, playing with sex reversal and saying, dear! Lets get married next year, I finally meet the right person, love you. In the photo, he was wearing long hair, white shirt, air bangs and delicate facial features. He turned into a girl with a pretty face. In one of the photos, he was cute and pouting.

Fan comments: beautiful, happy wedding, good match, beautiful.

Two days ago, Huang Zitao shared a group of life photos on the social platform and exposed the interior decoration of his luxurious private plane. The luxury was amazing. The cabin was very spacious, just like a palace.

Huang Zitao also showed a picture of a dinner party with his artists. The girl in the picture is Huang Zitaos artist Xu Yiyang. Because Huang Zitao has a strong preference for her, they have been rumored of having an affair for many times, but both of them personally denied it. Xu Yiyang can have dinner with his boss Huang Zitao on his private plane. He can also see that their relationship is unusual.

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Huang Zitaos response to the rumor of love with Xu Yiyang (source: Netease Entertainment)

Its no secret that Huang Zitao is rich. Before that, he once published his watch on social media, saying: this little toy has been spoiled by me. Qian Feng said in the program that the watch is worth 8 million yuan.

This is not Huang Zitaos first time to show a private plane. Before that, he also showed his planes interior on social media, which made netizens marvel.